- ukung alawa



She just wraps herself in that color, green and her outstanding personality speaks the rest…
when one mentions the phrase “the Nigerian girl” various thoughts run through the mind of the listener. It is due to different projections, ideas, opinions and perceptions of and about the Nigerian girl of this century.

Like every other girl in the world, the Nigerian girl has her flaws and imperfections, her weakness and Strength, her talents and foolhardiness as well as her wisdom.

She was often seen in the pre-colonial days from an under-estimated point of view as “man’s helper”. The 21st century sees her grow in leaps and bounds to challenge her counterparts from other hemispheres.

This days, the Nigerian girl is described as someone who practically exaggerates things, a fan of luxury and an anti-fan of hard work. though, these are not truths in their entirety, but a quick look at an average Nigerian girl shows an eager personality that strives to get to the top (yes, that’s what she wants).

The 21st century babe is not intimidated, she is an activis

her carriage is of humility,
her heart echoes love, her tongue speaks peace.

In the midst of intimidation, she excels and she takes life’s curved balls as stepping stones.
she is a faithful miss and a devoted Mrs
Her smile makes withered plants blossom
The 21st century girl/woman has dug back to history and is gradually bringing back her tradition, which was shamefully stolen by civilization and westernization. she shines even in darkness

(she knows she is a star, how could she not shine)

she sees her body as a symbol of womanhood, which needs to be guided and not sold. her composure is heavenly.

The poetic archaic of man who still sees hers as a slave rather than a great supporter and partly bread winner creates a platform for her to thrive on.

Now, before the men get too envious Let me end here, but the 21st century Nigerian girl is waxing stronger, growing from strength to strength and rediscovering herself, she knows the fate of Nigeria lies on her likewise the fate of her family.

It really doesn’t matter where she finds herself, she is just happy and she contributes her quota.

​I am a proud part of this evolution, I know you are too..


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