- dora2


Legacies, good or bad, are basically things we leave behind that others

Find worthy enough to continue…” Evangeline

There was a period in Nigeria where you could only hope that drugs, food, cosmetics and the likes will not be the death of you. I was still a bit young then and I would hear stories of how this person died of fake drugs and that person took a fake drug and it worsened their situations etc. Then there was NAFDAC, I was not really sure if that agency existed before Prof Dora Akuyili, but I know that I knew NAFDAC and Her together. dora She was one person who went all out for this cause because she believed in it regardless of so much pressure to quit or look the other way. I remember times when the news of burning stash of fake drugs worth millions of Naira became the order of the day, where illegal producers had to run for their lives or hide somewhere far because they knew she would fish them out. Now when we go to a store we can confidently check for the NAFDAC number and be certain that if they have it, it is a reliable product. We soon began to have such great faith in that number just because one woman decided to make a change. dora1 I know we all cry “corruption this, corruption that, nothing is working, everything is upside down” etc. still there is not point proffering solutions to things that are already working so why not get up and be that change Nigeria seeks? Nigeria is in dire need of people with genuine hearts and minds to see that She (Nigeria) takes her place in the world and be all that she can be, Professor Dora Akuyili showed us that You can beat them, you don’t have to join them, she showed us that the hope we seek is right here, it is within us. May your gentle soul rest in peace great leader and may we have the boldness to run with your legacy dora2   GOD BLESS NIGERIA


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