adeife adebiyi olajumoke – Yenagoa


In the glory of the dark

I hear strange melodies

Beckoning on me to dance with the gods of this land

I take one step, and yet another

My legs; fresh succulent stems

Springing forth in bold splendour

From the ancient womb of the earth

Today I declare: Heaven and Earth shall bear me witness

If you can look within my soul

Could you tell what you’ll see?


I am the definition of beauty

From the foundations of creation

See as I spread glory like black clouds

Over the thick forests of Agbede

In the morning dew of innocence

I’ll proclaim my name here in wonder

Yes! I’ll declare it!

Let the winds carry my dulcet voice yonder

Beyond the ancient hills of Jagun

Where the morning rain sights me and hails

Where the Opepe tree beholds and trembles

Ask the lion or the guinea fowl

Ask the sea or the native owl ……they also bear me witness


My black skin

Sparkles luminous

An intricate masterpiece

Crafted on golden hues of coal

Scented with the fresh ardour of the field

See my womb brimming green

Bringing forth nations till eternity

Feeding them forever

With the bounty of my streaming tits


Sing me a new praise,

Drink me a new palm wine

For I am

JOROMI… the pride and beauty of AFRICA.


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