Adeleke Amoye Tokunbo – Ipaja

All hail mother Nigeria. The true amazon of Africa,

standing tall and strong and unmoved despite the battles within.

The giant of Africa and pride of the black race.

Blessed with numerous natural resources, the envy of the world and a

bundle of unrivaled natural talents which bring honor and dignity to

her name.

She possess a rich culture with several tribes, tongues and language,

yet still undivided in the midst of such diversity.

From the North to the South; East to West, she flourishes with fresh

green landscapes. Her scent is like olive oil and her existence as

cool as the morning dew.

In rain and sunshine, she gives life and succor to her inhabitants.

She has peace within like a dove, but is strong and fierce like an

eagle. Her self-worth is unmatched and can be compared to no other.

Come what may, I will hearken to the clarion call as a Nigerian

patriot because I am honored to be a green – white – green


I am black and proud!

I am privileged to be truly Nigerian!!


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