Adesanya Mr Babajide Emmanue – Lagos

My Naija! My Pride!!

Under the dim reflection of my bulb, my Fan lazily rotates as it makes

its rickety sounds, from the low voltage PHCN popularly known as NEPA

supplied Light. From the next room I could hear people clapping in

their bid to kill the angry mosquitoes who won’t let them sleep

peacefully, soon it will be daybreak and another day is set to roll


After having my regular breakfast at Mama Segun’s joint I stroll down

with a toothpick in my mouth and join my colleagues at my work place,

it is d Newspaper joint. Well, don’t be surprised it is all I have

got at the moment.  This where I see different kind of people, some

will stay for hours reading the entire content without buying it, some

also come to read but they are illiterate as you see them pronouncing

the words wrongly or you see them reading the Paper upside down.

Others like me are there to find a topic to argue upon and when a

jobless fellow like myself comes around then the day begins in full.

Since the previous day the Nigerian team played a friendly match and

won i already had an head start  as to what the day would look like.

Just as I expected most of them wore green clothing and the argument

went towards the direction of my thoughts. We all argued until we got

weary then one after the other we departed.

Heading back to my apartment to take some nap as it takes a lot of

effort to talk and stand without being I resumed lazily to my bed with

the springs beneath making the usual squeaky sound. As always I plan

to sleep for few minutes only for me to close and open my eyes several

hours later. Just as I was about enjoying my sleep I began to hear

noises from my neighbors, awakened  suddenly this hot afternoon

infuriated me a lot and I began to hurl curses at them as I moved to

see the cause for the disturbance. Running past me was Mama Rukewe the

popular gossip in my neighborhood she knows everything at all time and

I was just in time to hold her back to explain things to me, she told

me about one of our neighbors kid who was having convulsions and was

been taken to the nearest hospital.  Immediately I closed my door and

ran after the crowd rushing to the clinics but as we went I began to

hear several suggestions some said give him Palm oil, some said salt,

another said put a spoon in his mouth, someone even suggested heating

his toe or palm with fire.

On getting to the hospital the child was taken care of and late at

night the child came back home.

Amidst the confusion came help from every side, in spite of the

differences we may share we still care for one another and this is

what makes me a true Nigerian. This is My Naija, My Pride.


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