I watched the movies

I read the books

Had tears in my eyes

And a dream in my mind

I wanted this!

Fairy tales are what I want or should I say what I wanted

That cuddle from the night time till morning in the movies

Or that kiss that turned Him into a prince

I could easily write a music video script for John Legends “All of Me”

It will involve sunrise and sunsets

Stars and Halos, indeed all the works

Now, Just some years later

Silly fights and arguments

Stars dimming and Halos shrinking

And in the midst of my shattered dreams and in the moments of picking the broken pieces of my heart

I realized

You are not cartoon but man

You are not an actor you are real

You don’t have to be a prince to be my knight in shining armor

And I decided,

We’ll write our own fairy tale

We’ll make up our own happily ever after

We’ll write it together, not making you live up to my fantasies

I think I’ll pick John Legend’s “this time” instead.

PhotoCredit: ebineyland.deviantart


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