Attention!!! Ladies!

So… I am angry. Yes. Why? Why shouldn’t I be?

I have two brothers and friends who have overtime become brothers to me and Lord knows I’ll pull the wig off any lady that turns those guys into fathers, SDs (sugar daddies), banks and Atms.

What happened to the creativity of many young Nigerian females? It just feels like when they get a steady supplier of ego, awo, kudi, money, clothes and everything nice, GBAM! They forget why God gave them the gift of creativity *straight face*

Ladies! Attention! That guy is not your father! How did you survive from when you were born till you got this old? There is God o! Meaning, if we’re able to get by and by without that man, you are able to get by and by without that man.

Am I saying you shouldn’t receive gifts? Um. No. We like being pampered and babied. Well, I do. It doesn’t mean that we should demand it every frigging day especially when he hasn’t put a ring on it. And then when he doesn’t “live up to expectation” you say stuff like “he doesn’t love me anymore” “is he cheating on me” “I don’t know why he doesn’t have regard for me” “he is taking me for granted” however the story goes.

But how won’t he? Haha.

Do something with your hands. Work. Create. Think.

Don’t be a leach in your relationship. Trust me. You’d be the better for it.


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