Plantain porridge can be cooked with or without vegetables-I prefer it with veggies. I use ugwu, spinach, bitter leaf or uziza. Unripe plantain porridge is very healthy. Those avoiding sugars can eat it with relish.

Porridge with bush meat or goat meat is also very tasty; remember to add smoked fish. I prefer my porridge without meat, though, so I use fish only. You can use unripe plantains or fairly ripe plantains (some people prefer the fairly ripe ones because of the sugary taste).


A bunch of unripe/fairly ripe plantains

Meat of choice (optional)

Smoked catfish

Ground crayfish (2 spoons)

Seasoning cubes


Fresh pepper


Tomatoes-2 fruits (optional)

Palm oil

Locust beans/dawa-dawa/iru/ogiri (optional)

Veggies (ugwu, spinach, uziza, bitterleaf)

Scent leaves (5 to 10 leaves-optional)



1. Cook your meat and add the dry fish when the meat is cooked then allow it boil till the fish is soft.

2. Wash your plantains, peel and dice them. Then put some water (half of the level of the plantain) in your pot and bring to boil. Let the plantain get cooked/soft. Very little water should be left after it is cooked.

3. Add your meat and fish to the plantain (ensure that there is little water left in the plantain).

4. Add your fresh ground pepper, onions, salt, seasoning cubes to taste, locust beans (optional) and tomatoes (optional) then stir with a wooden ladle.

5. Add your palm oil and sprinkle your ground crayfish over it then mix it together (crayfish helps blend palm oil in evenly).

P.S. Your plantain porridge is ready at this point if you do not want veggies in it. But if you do then;

6. After washing properly, cut your scent leaves and ugwu leaves (or spinach) in thin slices. Add the scent leaves first and stir. Do not bring to boil. Then finally, add your ugwu or spinach and mix it in immediately. After you have mixed the veggies in evenly and you have a bright green colour of veggies, bring your pot down and serve your delicious plantain porridge. It’s easy to make like that! Serve hot with a drink (some like it cold, though). *wink*


Photo Credit: iohiscreations, dobbyssignature.


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