About the AwaNaija Project

We are the other perspective!

The other side of the coin!

We are the silent voice of patriotism!

We are Nigeria!!

AwaNaija was born out of a need to refocus the attention of people to what is good in Nigeria, a country we can be proud of irrespective of reports attempting to push us to think otherwise. Nigeria is blessed and there’s more than a thousand and one ways to prove it. We intend to be that proof.

Our Vision

AwaNaija’s vision is to get the world and most importantly Nigerians to see the great Nigeria as she should be seen.

Our Mission

A drive to encourage Nigerians to be the positive change they want to see in Nigeria

Our Objectives

¬ To curb the increasing abuse of social media privileges by some Nigerians

¬ To promote the great image of Nigeria
¬ To Celebrate Nigerians that are making a mark and tremendous impact
¬ To give Nigerians a view of Nigeria that we can be proud of

This video says a good deal about who we are



5 comments on “About the AwaNaija Project

  1. Taiwo Gbolagade

    It’s a very good vision. Naija is blessed but the people are not ready to go extra mile for the development of this loving country. I am ready to give all my life for Nigeria to be the best in the world. Mark my words!

  2. PatriciaTet

    I quite like reading an article that will make men and women think. Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

  3. Lola Denise Brown

    This is a very moving video and I wan to help in getting the word out. I have shared your video on my Facebook page and I hope to get a response about your video. Please send me more information about your cause for A Better Nija. I want to be a part of you…BeBlessed!!!!!!!!

  4. Frank

    It really touching.
    I really believe with me and you we can make Nigeria a great place without our government

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