Banji Theophilus Femi – Lagos


  Land: where the sun rises in the East and sets in the West

  And heat clothes her with black skin

  For strong are the tools in her hand,

  That cultivate to harvest the produce of her land

  From her breast, she feeds the world.

  Indeed, unto her the promise land was given

  And she becomes the pride of Africa

  My Naija! My pride.

  The Land of historic relevance

  That echoes the dehumanizing effects of servitude

  By pointing to her relics and monuments,

  That immortalize the tales of slave trade.

  As her Sokoto caliphate and Borne Empire,

  Once practised the system being popularized by the white

  What about her Old Oyo Empire?

  The land of traditional democracy.

  It’s on her land, great men of century past,

  Engaged in intellectual disputations.

  I shall never quick to forget their creativities

  What about their great artistic works?

  Bronze of Ife, Terra Cotta of the Nok and the Brass of Benin,

  They all sing of her glory

  Even, when the white fake reality

  Oh Naija! My pride indeed.

  She was  not at Berlin,

  When her fate was determined and her land divided

  Her possession which they never possessed

  With superior weapons the came,

  Wrecking havoc in order to claim

  Jaja of Opobo, Nana of Itsekiri and Kosoko of Lagos,

  All rose as they defend your innocence

Oh naija! My pride.

  Through her, European luxuries were built

  For indeed, she was endowed by the almighty

  Gold, tin, copper and iron ore,

  They all saturate the four corners of your room

  While her foundation breathes black gold

  As her river Niger attracts me to swim

  Unto her Zuma will I climb

  To see again the beauty of my Naija, my



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