The Butterfly Experience

I really do not know why this tingling feeling I have in my stomach when I see or think about us are called butterflies

I don’t know where they come from

Somewhere in my head I can hear “run, run as fast as you legs can carry you”

But my heart keeps beating fast weakening my resolve to listen to my head.

I’m struggling between who to trust

My head or my heart

My head may just be overly cautious

I mean what can a sweet face, gorgeous body and killer smile possibly do to harm anyone

My hearts giving way

But my heads still insisting

These butterflies are increasing

If only I can see the future

And see where these butterflies are taking me too

To see the end

If it is like the fairy tales tell me

I guess I’ll wait till there’s a synergy between head and heart

Honestly, I doubt I wanna let go of the butterfly experience

Written by Eva

Photo Credit: quotestags


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