clinton inene esiwomena – Ogun


My Naija! My pride!

A tale of 1914 heroism rooted in a merger of exotic realms

Naija! Black, bold and ingenious giant, the opulent trigger of Africa

An Iroko that stands buried under the shrubs of cognitive thraldom

For the atrocities consigned in the age of Ika

She is the early morning golden sun of 1960 that illuminated the

Garden of Eden

The 1966 Darkness that awoke the beast domiciled in vain men

She is the present gale causing hordes of white doves to haste south

And dark vultures seeking cadavers to go north

There is chaos, Evil is lurking I can hear their whispers

But I am serenely sitting at the coastline whistling

My Naija! My pride! Cheapest of all my meritorious chattels

What is it that blows your spirit-waters cruel?

Speak now, or you consent minds to wonder afar

Holding dust as rock and air as rock-hard matter

Your eyes gaze in fear causing your bowel fruits to tremble

Yet you seek vigour amidst the feeble

I have walked the east and west of life

Seen dissimilar shades of locus in my strife

Where affection is repugnance and aversion is fondness

Yet, I have not seen a place so bantam yet so pregnant

Charming all like honeycomb tossed into ants

The beauty in the streets of Abuja and the slum of Lagos, I behold

I am forever thrilled to hear the eloquent cadence of her sound.

I long to smell and drool to taste her every tribe’s meal.

Her soil will I till till my time runs still

Never will I be shamed to defend her territory and stand for our


An elephant is never wearied to haul her tusk

Neither is the rain that drenches a leopard able to change its skin.

I pledge to Nigeria my country, to be faithful, loyal and honest

To observe when she beckons for am a blood of her heroic struggle.


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