The Corpershun Salute

…The struggle continues,
After completing four, five or even six years in the university, the coper shun salute is the last phase which ends an era in every Nigerian student. (although it begins an entire new world).
The experiences that come unpacked begin from when you pick your posting letters to the day you are properly passed out (pop).
The tension, excitement, sometimes the horror movie experience will make you realize fun is simply an understatement.

NYSC is sometimes or most times described as Para-Military, it is a very daring experience, explains why some group of people the Ajebos have two options, to get strong or to die trying. It is for the strong..
Starting from the camp experience, where learning takes place, you get to work and live with a group of strangers, some become friends, while others stay strangers.

With the federal government paying loads or at least a handful for their kitchens, it only makes the experience taste better.
Let me try to give you second hand gist of what camp experience looks like (yes, second hand because first hand is left for you to taste it).

Many people will describe their experience as good and others don’t want it to come to an end ever..
The 5am parades,
The fire alarm drill at night,
The yell from soldiers and their guns,
The scourging sun,
The walk on rope bridges,
Feeding from the refectory,
Patronizing mami markets,
And most especially, the burning zeal to serve their country in every way possible.

The walk on green fields, and march towards their goals as youths of a great nation with eyes focused on the horizon.

These youths spend each day of their service year singing with hands on their chest, The NYSC anthem:
“Youths obey the clarion call,
Let us lift our Nation high,
Under the sun or in the rain,
With dedication and selflessness,
Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve….”

And after the camp phase, posting to various service points for their primary assignment is done, each person lives to give to his own community whatever positivism he has to offer through his/her CdS group (community development service), and his service post.
Serving in another man’s land, sometimes far from his home,
Dedicating his life for a year, in service for his country,
And not forgetting to respond to the CORPER SHUN salute



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