It is amazing how new dance moves always emerge in Nigeria and even Africa as a whole. I have tried to get answers but I still do not get how these dances get their names. I took time to ponder on this topic after I got to know that there is a new dance craze in town. I remember when it used to be “Makossa” a dance from a francophone West African country which was popularized by “Awilo Logomba”. Then we had “Galala” and “Swuoo”. Most of the artistes that time sang about these dances or sang on beats that were compatible with the dances. For me, I think the “New Dance Syndrome” started with “Yahoozey”.

YAHOOZEY: This dance emerged through Olu Maintain; A dance his hit song is titled after, or the hit song the dance is named after. I have thought this through and if you ask me, the number one reason and other reasons why we fell in love with the dance is:

1. It requires little or no effort to pull off. All you do is raise two fingers in the air, stand in one spot, sway from side to side as you raise your hand/fingers and move to the beat. It is a lazy dance for all body sizes that’s why we loved it…or still do.

2. The dance had a certain “swag” to it. Even the president loved it. It is a feel-good song and who doesn’t love a feel-good song?

3. The song talked about the good life. Who doesn’t love the good life/love to envision it?

What more can I say about the “yahoozey” dance? Well, let’s move on to “alanta”.

 ALANTA: This dance which came after yahoozey was popularized by the JJC Crew. Maybe we fell in love with the dance because it made us look “razz”. We all have our moments of “razzness” and good thing we could dance it. Ok, don’t mind me. Alanta was, well…let’s just leave it at that. Lol. It was a dance craze that made you throw caution to the wind and let loose. And that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

ALINGO: This dance did not enjoy popularity and acceptance and I believe I know why. The energy needed to pull this off is not for everybody. But it sure is entertaining to watch others dance it. P-Square created this dance. Let’s leave them to do their thing. They and their dancers dance it best.

ETIGI: This would be the dance that has endured more than the others. Popularized by Inyanya, this Calabar dance is easy to do and can be incorporated into any afro pop dance music. The dance is for everybody because one does not need to be a professional dancer to pull it off. This is one of the reasons why it still has a presence. And why we still love it.

SKELEWU: Davido is good at creating unique dance moves. I particularly love his drummer dance move. Just last year, he went all out to invent a dance and give it a name. An equally easy dance to pull off-even though I don’t know how to dance it-skelewu is also a feel-good dance which requires little or no energy. These are just Naija dances. Windeck and Azonto are also interesting dances that Nigerians have fallen in love with.

Azonto will always have my heart especially because I don’t know how to dance it. #sigh. AwaNaija artistes have found a way to endear people to them and build a great fan base and that is by creating dances or popularizing already existing dance moves. Nigerians love to have fun and live life so for you to make it in the music industry, you just need one catchy dance music and if you can, invent a new dance or popularize an old one! When Skelewu came, I didn’t think a new dance would emerge barely ten months later. If you haven’t heard, I’m happy to tell you. The new dance craze is called SHOKI. This dance is brought by Lil Kesh of the YBNL Crew. He is a young yoruba rapper-raps in yoruba as well. The remix features Davido and Olamide. Interesting, right? Well, it is. *wink*.  Although Orezi has done a song about the dance, I especially love this new video from Lil Kesh. The dance has also been here for a while, however, this new remix from Kesh is my favorite right now. This is yet another lazy, feel-good, easy to do dance. To popularize a new dance, all you need to do is get a lot of young people to feature in your video and show that the dance is the best dance yet. That is what Lil Kesh did on this one and believe me, you will love it. You will either love watching the people dance it like I do or you will love it enough to learn it. The new dance syndrome is Nigerian and this is just the beginning. More dances will emerge and will be accepted, it is our thing and we love it. That’s one of the reasons why we love our artistes, or what do you think? They make us dance and feel good. So guys, watch the Shoki video and tell us what you think about the new dance in town and the new dance syndrome, generally. *Toodles*


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