awanaija blog: Through my eyes



Looking at the world through my eyes, I see a people, who wake up early
enough to fend for themselves,
Through my eyes I take an unflinching honest look at the society of today,
the place I was born to meet.
I wasn’t born in the 60s or 80s, but at least I was born. And because I have
eyes, I can see.
Through my black eyes I see, a group of black people with an iron will
and heart of steel.
They may not be able to see it, but I see an intelligent nation, were
bravery is the watchword and the cowardice does not have a choice other than to
get clever.
Through my eyes, stands a courageous group, who do not know.
I see a lovely people who can light up the night with their smiles
I wish you can take a minute and see yourself just the way I see you, only
then will you learn to always believe in yourself.

I watched keenly as I grew up, and through my eyes I saw a people who are
born to know that life is not a crystal stare, a people who learn from
birth that life is bare, with tracks, and it has to be climbed without
As I have grown, my eyes grew with me and I still see nation who are
unique even in their differences
through my eyes, I watch how they eat, play, fight curse, bless and
live together.
Through my eyes, I see the busy market places as a meeting place for
friends and families.
And still through this eyes, I see potential tomorrows home makers
been trained, and tomorrows providers been nurtured.

I stand in awe watching these special people who If only they knew what they
were would scream for joy.
Perhaps my sight is skewed, but I know that I am not alone in this..
A lot of others see just the way I see, but through my own eyes, I see every
happening as a master plan, to bring us together and unite us forever.


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