Florence Aghimien Nosayaba – Ikorodu


Nigeria, a West African country also known as the giant of Africa has

a lot to be remembered for. It is officially the federal republic of

Nigeria. It shares land borders with the Republic of Benin in the

west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger in the north. Its coast

in the south lies on the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean. It is

called the giant of Africa due to its large population and economy.

Nigeria is the only known country in the world that has more than one

speaking language including English and Pidgin English as which makes

us unique in every aspect. All Nigerians can communicate with each

other with at least one of these languages. Our country is divided

into thirty six political divisions called states and the federal

capital territory Abuja, all Nigerians belong to at least one of these

states. On special thing about Nigeria is that, a person from another

state can stay in peace in a state that is not theirs without any form

of discomfort for them. They can enjoy the facilities of other states

the way they want it and there would be no problem for anyone. Most of

the Nigerian states have their tourism as a gift they possess in their

state; just like the national theater in Lagos, the Yankari game

reserve in Bauchi state, Zuma rock in Abuja and Olumo rock in Ogun

state, there are many others found in other states as well. People go

to these places in other to have a look at the beauty of things in


In addition, the country is discovered to have the best climate and

weather condition because it has just two seasons that exist in it;

the dry season and the wet season, each of these seasons are always

moderate and this is making people from other country migrate down to

Nigeria in order to enjoy the weather as well. This kind of condition

is not affecting men in Nigeria. They still remain hard working and

ready to continue their work no matter the condition. As Nigerians, we

are proud to find out that none of the weather conditions kills anyone

in the country; everyone keeps living the healthy and sound way no

matter how much the rain is or the sun.

Moreover, Nigeria is discovered to be the only country with the

largest number of schools, churches, mosques and shrines based on

their religious beliefs. Nigerians love education so much that the

government decided to start building up schools that need no payment

at all and provision of free books as well. All these are done in

order to build the aspirations of the little children who are going to

be the leaders tomorrow. Every child in Nigeria attend schools; either

private, where money needs to be paid or public where little or no

money needs to be paid. Every child in the country tends to enjoy

education because most of the schools are capable of bringing out the

talent of the children they are teaching. Vocational subjects like

Home Economics, Agricultural Science, Basic Technology and many others

were introduced to schools in which students choose what they love to

do best and these things helped in building the talent of the

children. I also enjoyed it and now, I am enjoying the talent I have.

Nigerian children are lovable kids, they compose songs that inspire

their parents and create love between families. I am proud to be a

Nigerian because all of these beautiful things would have just passed

me by.

More so, Nigerian mothers and fathers are the best we have in the

world. They do everything possible to see that their children are not

suffering. They make sure they provide them with what they request

especially when it deals with their studies. The mothers prepare the

best food in the house for the happiness of the family. Nigerian

children then decided to compose songs for their parents which are

widely known by everyone especially the ones composed for mothers.

In conclusion, Nigeria remains my country and I am proud to be a

Nigerian. Nigeria, you are my pride and my comfort and there is

nothing that is going to stop me from loving my country. No matter the

circumstances I will always remain a Nigerian because it remains my

pride, my joy and my home too.


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