As you go around your routines think about this:
Routines are what you have created to suit the kind of life that feels comfortable,
In some cases, the routine allows you achieve, make progress etc.

Routines also tell a lot about who you are
Whether or not you’re an achiever,
If playing safe is what you would rather do
And not noticeably, if you’re gullible or not
I can imagine eyebrows raised now at the statement above accompanied with a puzzled look
But yes it is true.

When you come up with a routine there are two influencers
1) Yourself
2) Others

There is a popular anonymous saying that, “if you do not have a dream to build, people will employ you to build theirs”. In this case, permit me to paraphrase by saying, “if your routine is not filled with activities to achieve your goal, it will be filled with activities to fulfill another’s”.

This is just a food for thought. As you go about your daily routine, ask yourself why do I do this all the time? You’re invariably asking what the purpose of your existence is. If you can honestly answer this, then you’ll figure the rest out and have a satisfied existence.

Have a great day…

Photo Credit: entredallas


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