Hope is a window…Hope is a window…Hope is a window? Really? A window? I kept repeating those four words hoping they would make sense to me. That beautiful day, I stumbled upon the statement on a new contact’s BlackBerry Messenger’s (bbm) profile. I wanted to know what he meant by the assertion. I wanted to make sense out of it. So I continued…

Hope is a window…Hope is a window? A window…A window? Sigh. You should have heard me or seen me trying to figure it out. Then I gave it up. I mean, whatever! The message wasn’t for me, so…whatever. Then I lived happily ever after; well, until I saw the same message the next day. Then I tried to give it meaning one more time. Blank. I guess I wasn’t wearing my smarty pants that week. Trying to figure it out was like solving a math problem. Don’t laugh. My brain wasn’t booting at all. It was still there the next day. Still, no sense at all. Then I decided to ask him; of course I didn’t want to but curiosity had the better part of me. And there is nothing wrong with trying to understand what a person is thinking when he/she says something. So, I will ask. And I did. Hope is window…explain please. I said to him. And I added a smiley. Then with so much passion, he begins:

Hope is a passage to opportunities…
Aaaah, true. I said to myself. But he didn’t stop there:
…If you don’t look through the window, you cannot see the light. If you don’t have a window, you cannot have illumination. If you don’t have hope, you cannot see what is on the other side, let alone taking advantage of it.
And that’s it! By the way, he was feeling like some philosopher, talking about how deep the meaning hit me. Lol. But yes, it had a deep meaning and before I asked him, I was trying to give it a shallow meaning. I didn’t think deep. But even if I did, I doubt if I could have come up with the meaning he gave. “You have sense”, I told him. Hehe. And I was glad I asked him because now, I get to share those words of wisdom with you, dear reader. Wink. I’m hoping it makes sense to you just as it did to me. But don’t forget the message in those words. What message? You ask, Well, here:

When you have hope, that hope leads you to great opportunities. You have to look beyond the obstacles (window), you have to look beyond the impossibilities, you have to look out, outside your comfort zone to see the opportunity. And if you lock yourself up in the darkness of hopelessness, you cannot have the light which hope brings. And since you would be groping in darkness, you cannot see the great opportunities which are in the light of hope. And if you cannot see those great opportunities, how can you take advantage of them?

Well, you should give it a thought. Look out the window everyday of your life. Let the light of hope come in. Search for it everyday. Find it. And keep it. Seize those opportunities, Keep the hope alive, take charge and open your window. Hope is a window…*toodles*


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