New International TV Series Day by Day Might Be Filming In Nigeria!!!

Ok, a friend in the entertainment industry told me about a new show coming up and I had to check it out. Few minutes into the teaser trailers and commercial, I was blown away. The horror world never tickled my fancy but Day by Day appealingly gave me a change of mind! I’m so impressed. Hey, trust me, you’re going to love it too. Just wait until you check it out. Oh wait; did I mention that the lead actor, Esquire Duke, is soooo hot? I can’t wait to get cozy on the couch with my girlfriends with big bowls of popcorns and enjoy the masculine presence of a ridiculously handsome, gun-slinging male in a world full of hungry Zombies craving to feed on your body.

But what attracted me to Day by Day isn’t just my girly fantasy for a hot male on screen, but the amazing story with its delightful twists with the promise of bringing us characters from different parts of the world. So, the incredible news here is that Day by Day might be filming in Nigeria! Yeah, you heard right! With Day by Day, Writer/Director Thomas Conyers hopes to make the show a global webbing event, which will convey a widespread epidemic in various parts of the world and include different ethnicities and their colourful cultures. This is a rare approach to the genre as most post- apocalyptic films and series only cover a limited scope when telling their stories of the desolation. So, keep your fingers crossed! Nigeria might be on the list! And which also means some of you actors and crew persons out there might be securing roles in the series. How cool is that, huh? With that being said, to share my excitement and learn more about the show, please check out the synopsis, teaser trailers, actors’ biographies and other amazing stuff related to Day by Day. Enjoy!



Seth Thompson is out on a backpacking trip throughout the world during a summer break from college when a vital epidemic hits Mexico through their water supply and an infection causing strange mutations, begins to spread throughout the world. Many different cultures and nations are afflicted and the virus’ effects mutate people differently due to their DNA . These people are called the “infected” and the results can range from mutations in the form of deformities, special abilities or resulting to zombification.

Day by Day is the story of Seth’s journey throughout the new world, as he sets out to discover just what happened to humanity.


Teaser Trailers



About the series and Thomas Conyers

 Thomas Conyers

Day by Day is a forthcoming survival drama from TME Productions in conjunction with From the Heart Productions that is currently in it’s development stages. The show is written and directed by Thomas Conyers, whose filmmaking credits range from producer, director, writer, actor cinematographer on such television and film projects as Mega64 (2010), The Loophole (2012) 9 to Die (2012) and To be in the Biz (2013).

Day by Day promises to be an exciting and fun ride with the right amount of twists to keep you glued to the screen and follow the adventurous journey of the lead character, Seth, as he tries to survive a world infested by zombies, while trying to find answers to the nightmare that the world has now become. If you enjoyed such amazing shows as The Walking Dead, Falling Skies and Revolution, then Day by Day isn’t the show you should miss!




Esquire Duke Esquire Duke day by day

Esquire Duke takes the lead role as Seth, a young man who is spending his summer break backpacking through North and South America. Seth is on his way back home from Canada when the outbreak happens, and finds out that everything he’s known has disappeared. Duke is known for his work on short/feature films and TV series such as Road to Nowhere (2012), Zombie Killer (2013), Assassin’s Plead: Other Options (2013), Teen Wolf (2013), Maid for Murder (2013), The Jerk (2013), Blacklisted (2014), Stay Cool (2014) and The Road to Nowhere (2015, announced), among others.


Bailey La Flam Bailey La Flam day by day

Bailey La Flam plays Chloe, a smart independent girl who is separated from her family during the outbreak of the virus. Bailey’s previous acting credits compromise of Shake it Up (2012), The Song of Birds & Bees (2012), NCIS: Los Angeles (2013), Anchorman 2: The Legend Continuous (2013), Roses, Donors, and Other Audits (2014), Larger than Life Syndrome PSA (2014), Crescendo (2015), A Parents Love Down Syndrome PSA (2015), and AniMUS (2015, post-production)



Crowd funding Campaign

Day by Day wants to venture into the areas where other TV shows haven’t been able to explore. I think we can all agree that it’s a pretty ambitious goal! But is it impossible? Of course not! As a matter of fact, it’s only going to take a measly of $50,000 USD to get this amazing show come alive! I know you are asking how you can be a part of this groundbreaking and phenomenon Zombie TV show! Well, I can tell you that the Official Crowd Funding Campaign For Day By Day is going on right now. All you have to do is click this link–5 and donate to be a part.

As per usual with most crowdfunding campaigns, you can donate as much or as little as you want, all gifted money is very much appreciated. And they are some great incentives up for offer depending on the amount you gift to the project including: social media shout outs, a digital download of the pilot episode, a personalized Zombie dedication for your birthday or alike, some cool T-shirts, A Zombie photoshot, production credits and so much more!

If you cannot donate but share links to the projects, you also stand a chance to earn rewards! All money and product donations go DIRECTLY into the production of this great show and are 100 percent tax deductible. If the show raises enough initial money, the producers would be hiring a second unit and film in Nigeria! Now what are you waiting for, go on and be a part by sharing or donating money or product! The To find out more about the show or other amazing gifts and benefits, click on the indiegogo link above and take a look at all of them.


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By Abigail Ochiebi


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