I can safely assume that a lot of us had no idea people celebrate New yam festival, talk more of celebrating in a colorful way but today it is what I introduce to you THE LEBOKU FESTIVAL. Don’t rush, Leboku is a feast observed yearly in the peoples paradise nation Cross River state.

The 18 local governments in cross river celebrate their New yam festival on different days from the months of August to September (months of harvest).

This event is celebrated with big tubers of yams and trust me, there is much enjoyment. It showcases the rich cultures and heritage of Nigeria even at the grass root. It is believed that the lord of the harvest has blessed his people and once again, the people will come together to celebrate and remind themselves of their ancestral unity which deserves to be upheld.

It isn’t just a series of harvesting big tubers of yam, it includes the women turning the yam into pounded fufu and porridge and a lot more delicacies you can think of, each family brings his own well prepared meal to the play ground and food is exchanged.

Note; nobody is left behind, the men make sure palm wine and other drinks are available, the youths have to perform the traditional dances (got me remembering how that young maiden danced with all her might and shook her leg beads to the sound of the drums), wrestling competition and football competition wasn’t left out, even the visitors (my type) had their own part to play, to watch keenly and have plenty fun of course.


There is a march through the community, each family or clan with their tubers, Thanking God and sharing happiness. The event also features activities like traditional parade by the community’s chieftains, clan heads and tourists.
The host community of this colorful event is the UGEP local government area.
At the end of the day, there are two brand new cars waiting to be won by contestants of the festival. Mr $ Miss LEBOKU


Just when you think it is over, the next event whispers you just got started… having different supporters and endorsements from the country it only gets better.
#Honest advice#
It always tastes better when you experience it yourself, so don’t try to miss out on the fun come next year, or you haven’t missed out totally, get your bags ready because Obudu new yam festival is ringing its bells already..You just need a map, little money in your pocket and you have a swell time.

Photo Credit: Dublin.goodlife.com.ng, crossriverwatch.com


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