Legacies passed down to us

One of the things that has endeared me to the heart of this country is the morals with which we grew up in. My mum is a Yoruba woman and as most of you know Yoruba people are synonymous with what?…. (Don’t chorus PARTY yet) I meant RESPECT, although Partying comes very close.

Growing up, it was mandatory for every young person, irrespective of tribe or religious affiliation, to greet an elderly person whether or not you’re familiar with the individual. I remember my mum making me greet, kneeling down until the person heard me even if I had to do it 4 or 5 times.

There is a proud feeling I get when I hear people telling my mum how respectful her daughter is or when mothers and fathers on the street smile and reply my greetings and sometime say a word of prayer and/or blessings just for that action, made me know that this wasn’t a punishment or a mere ritual, this is a great treasure that we have.
Older people who have known you to be respectful fight for you and defend you in public. When you’re accused sometimes, they say things like “this one is a good girl oh! She cannot do a thing like what you are saying” so in a way the manners gave you some covering.

Today when I walk on the street and I get greeted by a younger person, I have a huge smile on my face and I make sure to reply and/or leave a blessing and I am encouraged that the next generation is not missing out on the blessings of having good morals.
I know that when I have my children someday I’ll be sure to pass down this Legacy.

God Bless Nigeria


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