Your fathers were not lazy men who sat down and wanted things done, if they had plans, they followed it up with actions. Your mothers, oh! your mothers evolved from the kitchen which used to be their only home, they became more and more useful, the society loved them for their contributions, so, never take them for granted.

The era you have come to meet was not created in a day, look critically my dear young ones, and you will see that the foundation is stronger than you think, it is composed of peoples sweat and struggles, it was built by words from great men and women, and it should be cherished because it is owned by queens and kings. Learn to feed yourselves because we have left you a fertile land.

My dear young generation, your elder brothers and sisters didn’t merry all year round, they had time for serious work, they ensured that they worked as much as they earned. You will have to learn a lot, you have to learn that everybody was his brothers’ keeper and that nothing good comes easy.

You do not have to regret your origin and what binds you while in the process of learning the ways of the white man. By doing that, you will have nothing left to show to the next generation. You will have to make decisions my dear young ones, but you would do that after critical thinking, because you know what they say about the power of what you say in a hurry.. Learn also that a lot of people envy the treasures that we have secured in this land for you, so you have to guard it with your life.

When you learn and know all this, know that to exist comes with a whole lot of responsibilities, to my young ladies, you all will have to be strong, because you are the back bones on which the country is built and to the Young Men,, I need not remind you of your duties, because you are born with it.
Finally, learn to be happy, be happy always and strive to make the land of your ancestors a better place, the very green and fertile place it is and in whatever you do, create time to merry after the day’s work. You do not know what relief comes with it. You have been saddled with a heavy responsibility, to hand over your generation to the next in the most proper way ever, and do good to leave the GREAT NIGERIA singing on every lip.

Remember, you should never sell your pride and strength, your brothers never did that, maintain it, you will need it in most difficult times, and when it gets very tough, my dear young ones, have it in your minds that your brothers traveled these path and all they thought about was you, THE NEXT GENERATION.

This is sent sealed with a kiss to the greater generation unborn.