London Business Woman Kemi Laniyan set to launch new fashion label, Ilorin Fashion

Successful and amiable business woman Kemi, who owns London Flats, a luxury apartment rental service agency for city professionals in London, is branching out into the field of fashion with her new Label ‘Ilorin Fashion’ which is set to Launch soon. The fashion label which is to be based in London will focus on ready to wear designs by indigenous designers from across the African continent and will be available in select clothing stores and boutiques on the high streets and online.

Kemi says her motivation for the label is to make designs by African fashion designers more visible in the mainstream and in everyday life, especially in board rooms and business meetings. “We already look fabulous and chic in the designs we wear to weddings and celebratory occasions, and I want to bring that same level of chicness into casual pieces for everyday women of every race and creed, especially in the west. The idea is to marry African and Western designs into everyday casual clothing that can be worn by every woman, anywhere, anytime.”.

Ilorin fashion will have a formal launch in London within the year in a mainstream fashion event and are looking for unsigned fashion designers from all over Africa who may be interested in working with the brand. For further enquiries, please contact us at, Tel: +44 203 774 8316 Web:






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