Love your body. Love Yourself

Today’s post is dedicated to every woman, young lady, lady, babe, Bae, chic, Omalicha, Yarinya… however you choose to be referred to, who either loves, hates, is indifferent about, or currently working on her body.
Once upon a time in Nigeria, it was trendy for the “African woman” to be voluptuous. Well, so I heard. Or, so I watched on Nollywood Home Videos where a woman who was “ripe” for marriage was left in a “fattening room” to become” fleshy” i.e. put on some weight, I mean, ready for marriage.

In fact, skinny girls were made to feel like something was just not right with them.
With the rapid culture change today, you dare not mention fattening room… all you hear now is #fitfam #gymtinz #dietstuff #slimtofashion and what not.

Now being healthy and eating clean plus exercising is ‘all well and breakfast’, I mean I am all about that life.
However, I have observed, read and studied my reaction to my own body and I have come to the conclusion that many times, thick women (non-skinny) are driven to lose weight not for #fitfam sake but by the need to become and stay skinny. ‘The way I used to be’ we say.

photo Credit: Every woman's stop shop

photo Credit: Every woman’s stop shop

As silly as this may sound, I do believe that if the Almighty, in His entire creativeness, wanted all of mankind the same, he would have done so. No doubt. But as we rightly say, variety is the spice of life.
He made us all different colours, different heights, different hair textures, and we all came in different shapes and sizes.

Last year, I was wondering. Everyone wondered why it seemed like I was adding weight, which in reality was due to the fact that my shoulders broadened a bit, and my thighs enlarged, leaving a tiny waist…. I’d starve myself, exercise, drum it in my family members’ and friends’ heads how I hadn’t indulged in a dangerous eating habit… I couldn’t explain it anymore.

Then it hit me. I had finished secondary school at age sixteen. At seventeen, I was already in the higher institution, making friends with people who were way older than I was.
My bone structure was still forming and I was still growing but because I had learnt to walk the walk and talk the talk, these changes scared mean and Scared them.

Photo Credit: Stargist

Photo Credit: Stargist

Today, I understand this. However, it took January to October of long work outs and making ‘healthy living’ a lifestyle, learning to enjoy food but with moderation, ditching cabs and taking long walks, and Saysay’s Dance To Fit class for me to realize that, I probably will never be “thin skinny” but I can stay very very healthy.
Know your body type.

I have spent hours reading about the different body types, their perks and challenges to come to truly appreciate my body – The small Pear shape. Yes. That.

This has helped me to understand that even though I may never have small thighs, I can control weight gain by making healthy living not a one-off thing but a lifestyle.

I am the happier for it. You can be too. Google is your friend.

Finally, even though I know you don’t want today’s post to end, these words inspired, awakened and made me appreciate how I was wired.

“God prescribed every single detail of your body. He deliberately chose your race, the color of your skin, your hair and every other feature. He custom-made your body just the way he wanted it. He also determined the natural talents you would possess and the uniqueness of your personality” – Rick Warren, Purpose Driven Life.

This doesn’t mean that we should give in to crazy cravings and live life dangerously at the risk of our health. Take care of your body. Exercise. Eat healthy. Smell good. Look good. Do it because it is the right thing to do and not because you want to slim to fit the media’s ideal body shape.
I hope this got you to #muse. 😉


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