Nigeria – Our Country, Our Legacy

We are not Nigerians because we were born in Nigeria, we are Nigerians because Nigeria was born in us, both as an individual and as a people, we are all there is to be ashamed of or proud of…

It’s really frustrating to see how much of ourselves (Nigeria) we have lost in our need to be accepted, appreciated, heard and defined. I am not an exception and neither are you. there’s no sense in blaming our leaders for our mistakes, we are responsible for all that happens to us as an individual and as a people. maybe i will believe the masses are justified when people start coming from Togo, Namibia, Ghana or some other countries to rule us; because as long as it’s Nigerian people becoming Nigeria leaders, i’ll uphold my opinion of status change and not difference in national identity. our leaders are only a mere representation of who we are deep down within; our greed, lust for power, selfish interests, our ambitions etc.

Good citizens make good leaders, it’s not the other way round. we may have so many short comings as a people but there’s good in everyone of us. We only need to emphasize it more in our words, attitude and actions.

We have a rich cultural heritage. a history of model citizens to learn from, people who gave their lives and lots more to get us where we are, both the ones that made it to our history books and the greater ones that didn’t.

i hope the video below can give you a glimpse of what we have lost.
I challenge you this day to become a model citizen to the generations yet to come. to aim for legacy and not riches.

for more insights into what we hope to achieve, you should click on this post title and see our model citizen video.


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