The Nigerian Way

Ask me again if I never get tired of singing the Nigeria song and my reply is NO..

Why should I get tired when the only song on my lip is the Nigeria song, the only air I breathe and the only people that have accepted me are the Nigerian people.

Nigeria is a peculiar country with a people who can boast of unity and creativity..I’ll tell you how or why..
Starting from the times before now, the language the Nigerian people spoke was love and unity. This could be seen in the way there settled their little disputes,

Handshaking, sitting under the moonlight with a couple of family members sharing kola nuts and drinking palm wine together in calabashes and talking about their issues..

The way the people sat out until late at night and allowed their disputes wash away with the rain.
You could see the sincerity behind the handshakes, smiles and hugs..

Okay take a very close look at the dance steps in the meeting places.
Many years gone, not a lot has changed.

Although we have tried hard to adopt the ways of the westerners, we still find ourselves coming back to our roots. We still find ourselves tracing our origins back to the days were we could sit under the moonlight and tell stories while chewing bitter kola. To the times when we didn’t need law courts, we needed just a few relatives to sit around a table and make wrongs right.

Down to The times when we didn’t need religion to dictate what was right or wrong, of course we all had consciences and good morals were inculcate.

The song we sing is the unity and creativity song, you can see it today in our democracy, in the kukere and etighi dance steps, in our different spoken languages, in the smiles when we come together to celebrate our independence, in our different traditions and cultures, and even in the way we dress.

The Nigeria way is the way of peace, it has always been and it isn’t about to change soon.

nigerian way


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