Nigerians are sooooo….

A lot of times, I read about how people living outside Nigeria view Nigerians and we already know that for a long time, our world view hasn’t exactly been one to willingly identify with.

What’s funny though, is that a lot of what makes up this world view are a version of our reality told by Nigerians living outside Nigeria.

So loads of stories like Nigerians are soooooo… this and so that. And what not are all over the place.

People forget that when you are dealing with an individual, you are dealing with his or her character, behavior, upbringing, habits – good or bad.

So when one has a negative experience with a person or a group of people, please learn to pin it on that person’s character flaw and not put everyone in that country or nation in a box because of that one person.

It’s so sad but so weird at the same time.

People say stuff like, Nigerians are frauds, lazy, dirty, liars. Don’t you find these sort of people in other countries? No? I didn’t think so. Of course they exist. We just view them as superior over us; incapable of making mistakes because of the color of their skin. Truth.

Few days ago. I was very sick and needed to pick something up. I got into a taxi. Explained how i was feeling and where I needed to get to. This taxi guy, stayed. My battery died, and I needed to make some calls. He gave me his phone to use. He didn’t leave until someone came to get me. And what he charged me was so little but he didn’t mind.

I was only lucky some may say. I have met too many like him.

That same day my sister dropped her phone in another taxi. The phone was dead. The cab guy didn’t have to find her all the way from keffi. But he bought a charger for the phone, kept calling numbers until he got through to her.

He traveled from Keffi back to Abuja, asked necessary questions, ensured she was the owner, and released the phone without wanting anything in return.

Two different scenarios. Same day. Same nationality.

There are still good Nigerians in the world. Don’t let your experience with one or two or three… influence your view about how everyone that lives in Nigeria is. I am one of them and I know a gazillion others just like me.

Don’t let what people say on social media affect your perception about us.

My final word is to the Nigerians living outside Nigeria that stay there and criticize things that go on here – politically and otherwise.

Well done o. Well done. Thank you for expressing your opinions. However, since we have not seen your ample contributions to us as a country, your opinion is just that. An opinion. Thanks. The day we can start turning your opinions and you can start making constructive criticisms that will create more jobs, and take us to the bank and head us in the direction of the Transformation Agenda, that day, we will start paying a little mind to you. No offense intended.

I hope this got you to re-#Muse.



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