When I heard of this conference I was in between two emotions 1) That there was ever a thing like that (Surprise) and 2) That Nigeria is beginning to take a look at “this social media thing” that is going around and to see it for more than just a tool for fun (Pleased).

Impressively this conference was organized by the National Orientation Agency of Nigeria (NOA) with the sole aim of getting on board this social media train and looking for ways in which to regulate it so as the get the most of it in terms relating to Nation building.

NOA Bloggers Conference

The conference featured topics such as:
• Ethics First by Jerry Bent and Bulama Kabla
• Conflict and Gender sensitivity in Communication Reporting by Dr. Ukoha Ukiwo (NSRP)
• Global Blogging trends and Narrowing it down to the Nigerian Experience by Gbenga Sesan Paradigm Initiative Nigeria
• Effect of Online content on Human Behavior (Exploring both naegative and positive effects) by Samson Itodo (YAIAI)
• Reputation and Perception Management by Professor Pate Umaru Bayero University Kano
• Ethical Conducts in online reporting by Mrs Edith Ohaja (UNN)

Issues raised and discussed ranged from effectiveness of message delivery to the effect of wrong messages passed and the harm created, to solutions that can outlive our generation and be passed on to the next through implementation of school policies and curricular etc.

All these for blogging? I was surprised as well and also left with a feeling of content that the powerful effect of social media in its ability to make or mar Nigeria is not going unnoticed.

NOA Bloggers Conference
However one of the highlights of the conference was the area where all participants were divided into group to bring about practical expressions of what had to taught and to present it to the larger body, it gave an answer to the silent question “is this conference going to also be talk talk talk and no action?”

I hear there is one coming soon, I’ll be sure to keep you posted here on #awanaija.

and yes… Prizes were given out

NOA Bloggers Conference

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