Nwachukwu Chinwendu Joy – Enugu

My Naija! My Pride!

The far sky suddenly seemed so near

The birds sang ditty into my ear

The words were all sweet, pure and clear

But not even one, could I thus hear

For the wicked has risen against My Naija

The hot sun rapidly turned so cold

The heat froze in me all that was bold

The effect had made me feel quite old

But my tears they saw, my worries untold

For they wish to ruin my Pride, oh Naija!

The bright weather now looks so dull and lame

The once shining heart of mine, a dark frame

The act I never wished or dreamt thus came

But I know our girls lives are not for a game

For we shall someday bring back our girls to Naija

Naija, remains the only country I truly call mine.

Awesome it truly feels to call Naija my pride.

Interesting how much talents we have in Naija

Jubilate, for just like Ebola we shall overcome all.

Adorable, Joyful, Independent, Amazing Naija.


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