My mind raced through Nollywood yet again and so many names and faces flashed before my eyes and in my brain and I stopped to wonder what happened to them. Where they are now. those actors whose graced our TV screens in the 90s and early 2000s. Remembering them brought back fond memories so I decided to write this to bring back fond memories to you too. I hope they get to read this so that they know that we still remember them and would be glad if they come back. So many came to mind but I will mention a few:

1. LIZ BENSON: I’m sure if I stand in a stadium filled with people and ask if they all miss Liz Benson, I would get a resounding chorus answer of “yes”! This is a veteran actress who I admire and miss and I believe other people miss her too. Just imagine her still acting in the all new Nollywood! I have seen her in a couple of places in the FCT and I must say, she is a beautiful woman. The good news however, is that she will feature in three 2014 Nollywood productions titled Mummy Dearest, Living Funeral and Dry. So very soon, when the films are ready for release, we will see her grace our TV screens again. Welcome back, ma’am.

hilda dokubo yerima naijagists
2. HILDA DOKUBO: The memories I have of this beautiful Rivers state born actress is her ability to cry easily, make viewers pity her and cry along in my case and her long black fine hair. I’m a sucker for healthy long hair and yes, I noticed her long hair just like as I noticed Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha’s hair too. Lol. She went into politics in her state as commissioner in the Peter Odili government. Well, things are working well for her as she is back with her husband (they were separated for some time). The last film I remember watching that she featured in would be Worlds Apart in which she acted as Ini Edo’s mother. We all loved her and we still do, or maybe I should not speak for everybody. Drop a comment if you miss her, please. Well, we wish you all best in your endeavours and it would be wonderful if you make a come back. However, we still support you in your new career.

3. REGINA ASKIA: MBGN 1988 (she replaced Bianca Ojukwu nee Onoh after Onoh had to give up her crown), this tall Akwa Ibom state beauty featured in a good number of films before she relocated to the US where she is a professional and practising nurse. We loved her and her acting back then. I remember the film Highway to the Grave produced by Helen Ukpabio where Askia who was possessed by evil spirits turned into a coffin in the office of an “aristo”-that one really cracked me up. Well, I read somewhere that she will feature in a 2014 film but until then, let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for her come back film. Please know thay we would be glad to have you back.

4. ZACK ORJI: I wonder what this veteran actor has been up to in the past few years. His daughter started acting at a point in time and just like magic, they got “MIA” (Missing In Action). The news is that Zack Orji is now a minister of God. That is a good cause and may God bless your ministry. Please, keep it in mind that your fans love and miss you.

charles okafor 2
5. CHARLES OKAFOR: This man knew just how to interpret any and every role given him to play. He could be a ritualist, wicked husband, “jazzed” husband, two-timing friend/brother or a kind hearted man-you name it. The last time I saw him feature in a film must have been in the late 90s and I’m sure Nollywood fans and his fans miss him and his acting. Wherever you are, know that we miss you and wish you well. And coming back is not a bad idea-you will love the new Nollywood.


6. SAINT OBI: Hmm…I think the last film I watched that he featured in would be Take me to Mama and I cannot remember what year I saw it but it is surely a long time ago. Saint Obi is another veteran actor whose acting skills cannot be denied. His versatility helped him thrive in the industry and this is commendable. However, we do not know what happened or why he took a break but we hope all is well with him. You can make a come back whenever you like, we will be here waiting.

Shan George, Victoria Inyama, Chiege Alisigwe, Grace Amah, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Alex Usifo (Chief Odiete), Pat Attah, Jennifer Eliogu, Emeka Ike, Sandra Achums, Susan Patrick, Zulu Adigwe, Bob Manuel among many others are some of the actors that made the movie and entertainment industry what it was back then and paved the way for what it is today. Onome is also a name I cannot forget. To this day I do not know her real name-I never did. Everybody around me called her “Onome” because of the role she played as “Onome” and since then the name stuck; just like people called Nkiru Sylvanus “BleBle”. We cannot deny that these actors created a mark for themselves in years past. TV was cool with them, some of them were there from the birth of the movie industry and we must not fail to appreciate them. Kindly leave a comment for these beloved actors and a little birdie somewhere will let them know they still have a fan base. And to the actors, if you decide to revisit your old career, you are welcome and to those who are back, I say, welcome back! I’m sooo excited…*toodles*


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