Revisiting Controversial Events, Because We Need To

The first thing I want to address is the fact I have noticed that a certain group of people have chosen that their lives’ goal is to pin every unfortunate mishap in Nigeria that obviously was unforeseen, on the Goodluck administration or well directly to the President.

Could it be that the present administration will decide to spend billions of dollars on projects that could have been executed by past presidents before now, who turned a deaf ear to the needs of the people, only to plan on ways to destroy these things? I don’t think it adds up.

I do remember however, that a certain group of people swore to make Nigeria ungovernable for the then acting president if he ever were to win the elections… well, they succeeded in creating hurt, sorrow, pain, tears among fellow human beings among the other unfair emotions many families have had to go through since the “war-against-GEJ” started. I guess they thought they’d win if they blew up a couple of houses and blew up buildings where humans reside, or try to make honest livings only to set the President on the run… bring in a couple of international media, put the spotlight on the unfortunate events orchestrated by some individuals who obviously see nothing wrong with blowing billions and trillions of Naira worth of property of the federal government and precious lives of people.

I’m not sure if this group of people are aware that Nigerians are not as ignorant as they think and that we are following the headlines and we see what is happening and how the people who have decided to make themselves oppositions to the current Administration respond to these orchestrated events by shallow “Mr XYZ condemns violent acts on individuals”…

So while the current administration is going ahead with plans to move forward with the transformation agenda, others are preying on ignorance and the lack, of innocent Nigerians to destroy property and take precious lives that they can’t give.

In Kaduna for instance, some young men were caught destroying the rail lines, and the operation was traced to a “rich” politician who gave them N50, 000 to destroy the rail lines. Note that, it’s not like he planned to use these now useless rail lines to create his own private train station. I wonder why the police and justice system hardly mention criminals posing as politician when they are caught in shady ordeals like this. As usual, his name was withheld.

I’m confused. The government is working on making transportation easier for Nigerians and people who have a little over most, sit somewhere and pay people to destroy rail lines. It beats me.
I thought the whole essence of being a public figure was to work together for the common good? Why so much hate? Doesn’t the opposition realize that in trying to ruin the image of the “President” they are actually ruining the lives of the people they hope will vote for them in the future? Is there no fear of a God that sees all that we do anymore?

I also heard rumors that plans to destroy the current rail lines when work is completed (the government has to put measures in place to ensure that this doesn’t happen).
I have been following the banters of people in anti-PDP parties. Ha! The banters have frankly been disappointing. I mean, I haven’t heard or read sustainable develop initiatives by these parties. All they are saying indirectly is “if Goodluck wins 2015, it’s going to be bloody” or “2015 is going to be bloody” I mean really? REALLY?
Another thing I don’t understand is how something goes wrong in a state and even the state Governors point fingers at the President… Wait. Isn’t that why you were voted into power? To use resources to protect your people, to provide security at the state level? To empower your people?

I’ve gathered from sources that a lot state governors leave their states and “abide” in the Federal Capital” doing what???? When there’s so much work to do in those individual states… this is so disheartening. They go back to the “villages” local government and states when they want to mobilize people to share N400, N500 or give N50, 000 to a whole community… or well, share rice, oils and packs of seasoning cubes in nylons!!! CHAI!
Roads are left undone, hospitals are… schools… state security…

Am I saying the Goodluck administration is perfect? No. I am saying Mr President is infallible? No. but the man has made an effort to try… it’s so sad that people just won’t let him.
If he makes a move, he is criticized. If he doesn’t, he is criticized. Na wa o.

Anyway, fact is I believe strongly that if God allows a man to sit on the seat of power over a people, it’s because that man was/is God’s will for the people. The man may get carried away and neglect the needs of the people… that’s his loss. But regardless of what he does, Gods hand is upon him, until his time is up. This I believe is the reason why past presidents who didn’t do right by us were spared. However, when God chooses a person, He doesn’t take it lightly when that man is a much as criticized.. Talk more of being attacked… Aaron and Miriam will be all too glad to tell you their stories…. They as much as talked about the Prophet Moses/Musa… remember what God did to them?
Let’s all work together for the common good. I don’t think Nigerian Politics is all that bad, I just think people get carried away by power and greed and play dirty.

Please pray for Nigeria. Pray for peace. Pray for the people who don’t want peace. Pray for the families hurting. Pray for the President and his team so that we may have peace and order. Pray for yourself so that you’d be empowered to add your own quarter in transformation of Nigeria.
These things just had to be aired. It’s about time we stopped shying away from the truth.
I hope this got you to #Muse.

As sad as it is to conclude, a lot of development projects that are ongoing will be attacked by this group of people… the federal government has to put measures in place to prevent these things and protect the lives and property of Nigerians. Preempt their moves. Assume. Investigate. Research. Boys scout “Be prepared”!