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Running to Change


I was born black and growing up was fast. I grew up to realize I was gradually hating everything around me, my skin colour, my place of birth, my back ground, my environment, my Government and my country. I needed a miracle, I believed in a change, but it didn’t have to come from me.

Things were terrible, my family was on my neck to be a better person, my country’s economy was bad, they was terrorism every were, and I think I was surrounded with sad people

I didn’t feel safe or happy.

I tried all I could to run away, the pictures I saw of my social network friends wasn’t helping issues, their constant smiles, showed that their country, environment, Government and families were all perfect.

Their skin was blameless, the smiles on their pictures only spoke one word “happiness” these friends lived perfect lives and that was what I wanted.

I made up my mind to do all I could in all the ways I could to run to a perfect country and live a perfect life. I found myself waking up every day and criticizing the government of the day, they were far from what I expected. I need to be happy, and my naive self thought I needed people to make me happy or live well. I needed to start from somewhere and I needed to try something new, so I decided to change the way I think, the way I look at myself, and the way I look at my environment.

Only then did I realize I was about to lose a blessing

My country was blessed, with a whole lot of rich and natural resources.

I discovered that if I wanted a change in my country, it started with me.

I wasn’t fully convinced, so I decided to keep trying; I worked hard, and discovered I had a friendly environment for learning and work.

I took a second look at myself and discovered my skin colour was unique, and in that instant I wanted nothing more than to maintain my skin colour.

When I loved myself enough, I realized I was important, and I had my own quota to contribute, and I wished for nothing other than to contribute in my little ways.

I started with praying everyday for this great nation

Then I understood fully that I didn’t need the government to advice me to be hardworking or do the little things I could do around me.

They was total happiness in doing all I did, and it became an attitude.

I learnt that it isn’t waiting for the best moment to explore but to seize the little opportunities at my disposal, I realized that making abusive remarks and having so much disrespect or nursing hatred for my leaders didn’t change anything, but doing the right thing in the grassroots was what did the miracles.

I got to know that I was a part of the government of the day, and if the government failed, then I had failed. *who wants to be a failure?* the thought of being associated with failure made me work even harder.

I also got to know that talking about change all the time didn’t help matters, but acting on change was what was right.

In no time, I realized they was no perfect place, it all just depends on how you see things.

The government is not what you want it to be right? (Yes, I know that feeling)
You wish the country was better right? (I still feel that way)
you are nursing thoughts of running out? (Dear, I have traveled that part)
“Things are just not right in this part of the world”, is that really what you think?
Now, you desperately want a change??


It isn’t so far away, it begins with you. The change you want to see is the product of your mind.

Be the change you want to see in the world.



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