“It is a beautiful and good day. Enjoy it”,

When I come out of my house and there isn’t a single falomo bus to take me to work, what’s good in the day? When the thugs or Agberos at the bus top near my house harass bus conductors for as little as 50 naira spilling blood, what is good about the day?

When I turn on the news at work and all I hear about is the war in the north, the fighting’s in Borno, the bombings in Jos, the kidnappings in the Middle East? Where is the beauty in all of that?

All that fills your ears these days EBOLA EBOLA EBOLA!!!! I can’t even eat my favorite Agege bread again or Ewa goin anymore, only God knows when next I will be able to eat it… I ask again where the good in this deprivation is?

In all of the 45mins we were chatting, my friend goes on to tell me that beauty is in the mind. If you haven’t seen it in your mind your eyes cannot perceive it, I wasn’t even ready to start believing any philosophical sayings or any catchy phrase because all I knew was I couldn’t have Ewa goin at lunch that day.

That inner voice in my head gave it a little thought or try, as I stood waiting on the road for that long awaited Falomo bus, I noticed two small children playing as they also waited for the school bus, their bright smiles and ringing laughter’s that filled the air that morning was very irritation to some of the by standers, but to me that was beauty. Seeing pure joy in the innocent mischief of youngsters and their bright eyes that may soon become darkened by life, but for now, that moment, all I saw was beauty. Not too far away there was also a teenager helping an old lady carry her large bako bag across the express, while she hung her basket loosely by her waist. Judging from her luggage she was either a tomato seller or Ugwu seller. And that itself was goodness.

In all my own rage, I was able to find beauty and good all around me in that moment. Somehow, the wars, killings and Ebola didn’t matter so much anymore. Of course, it still matters and isn’t something to be taken lightly, but for that moment it did not matter.

My friend after all did have a point, to first of all see well or beauty, one must first of all be able to see it in the mind. Experience it in your sub conscious hereby building a bridge to the conscious. These are just the happenings of a young lady who likes Agege bread and Ewa goin also trying to get to work early enough.

My smile only widened as I heard “oshodi falomo, oshodi falomo N150”…

I was saved at the beginning of the day by the Oshodi bus!!!

Written by Moyin

Photo Credit: winniedeekay


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