The Script Finale I- Immortals

Hi guys, its Omon here and firstly I’d like to apologize for the issues with posting comments on this page and also for keeping y’all waiting for “The Script” finale for too long.
Secondly, I am glad to declare that the wait is finally over and also announce that the finale will be in two parts!!
Here’s the first part of “The Script” finale; Enjoy!

The illusion of choice was Eledumare’s favorite trick. He had developed it before the beginning of time and first tested it on the one He created in His own image, the first man.

Many blamed the man for disobeying Eledumare’s instruction to steer clear of the “tree of knowledge of good and evil”, more blamed his wife for listening to the serpent and feeding her husband with the forbidden fruit after partaking of it herself; but only a few wondered about how the first man was supposed to know that disobeying Eledumare’s instruction was a wrong thing to do, if he could not yet tell the difference between good and evil.
Moremi was one of such people, and as she thought more about Michael’s carefully worded message from Eledumare, it became clear to her that the choice she had been given was only an illusion.

If she chose to stay on earth, she would become mortal again, subject to the uncertainties of life and the randomness of death, forced to constantly look over her shoulders, wondering when death would come.
And when it eventually happened, whether a minute after she refused to return to the great beyond or three decades later, she would still have to face the same judgement she had stayed on earth to avoid.
There was no point postponing the inevitable. Eledumare had given her two options but it was obvious that she only had one choice, she and Jaja had to return to the Great Beyond and face their judgement.
There was just one last thing for her to do before leaving. She picked up her phone and dialed the Nigerian police hotline.

“Hello, good morning”

‘Good morning, this is the Nigerian Police, how can we help you?’

“I was the one that gave the anonymous tip about the terrorists disguised as decorators, I just wanted to know how it all went”
‘Ah! Madam na you? Thank you o!! We caught the bloody animals, some of them even died in the process but none of our men was even injured’

“That is wonderful news, did you catch the leader too?”

‘Hmmm Ma, that is another story o, the ones we caught were angry with him, they said the whole thing was his idea and they had been against it from the start because it was too high profile.
It was not like the small scale bombings they are used to but according to them, he insisted and said he’ll even follow them to the venue to plant the explosives then at the last minute he turned back.
They felt that he set them up and they were eager to cooperate, they immediately gave us the address of their massive hideout camp. ‘

“Hmmmm, then what happened?”
‘Madam what we saw when we went there was something else o, God is truly on our side’
“I don’t understand”

‘We knew that going into their territory would be difficult but it was necessary so we involved the Nigerian army and other security agencies. Only for us to get there and see that the war had already been fought for us’

‘It was as if one of their big bombs had accidentally exploded, body parts were scattered everywhere, all their buildings razed down, God really payed them back in their own coin’
“Wow!! So their leader must be dead too?”

‘Ma, I should think so o, there is no way any human being could have survived that.
I shouldn’t tell you this o but we heard that the President is going to announce that the terrorist attacks are finally over during the dinner, I think you should come forward and reveal yourself so that he can also present you your reward money at the occasion’

“I’ll think about that, thank you very much sir”

As she relayed the information from the phone call to Jaja, Moremi felt a mixture of emotions rush through her, she was mostly relieved that the terrorist attacks were finally over and she still had enough time to return to the Great Beyond and gladly face her judgement now that she knew her efforts had not been in vain.

Jaja was just as thrilled, even though people would never know the great role they had played, they had the satisfaction of knowing that by their actions, they had saved hundreds if not thousands of lives.
They were both ready to return to the great beyond when a text message came in on Moremi’s recently acquired phone,

“Not all that glitters is gold, it’s not over till it’s over. Your ever humble lookout, Amina”