The Script Finale II- Mortals

I am glad to present to you the final chapter of “The Script”.

I’d like to thank everyone who was a part of the process of writing this series (you know who you are). A special shout out goes to Sandra who was immensely helpful especially with this finale, I am eternally grateful.
I’d also like to thank everyone who read the posts, commented and shared via social media, God bless.

Finally, here is The Script Finale II- Mortals; Enjoy!!


The walls and floor of the Judgment room in the Great Beyond were made of the same unique material. In its appearance, it was quite similar to what the humans called clouds but it was in its texture that it differed greatly.

While it was softer than wool and almost impossible to feel when touched, it was also solid enough to withstand the weight of the legions who stood on it daily without letting anyone fall through.

This contrasting nature of the floor made Moremi and Jaja feel like they were floating instead of standing and Moremi wondered if this was the same way Eledumare’s son felt when he walked on water on earth.

He was there now, Eledumare’s son, seated beside Eledumare, looking at them, looking through them, seeing things through their eyes, evaluating their motives and preparing his judgment. They would not need to speak to defend themselves, He already knew all what they could possibly say.

He whispered something to Eledumare and what followed was bizarre and unexpected. All the other demigods and messengers suddenly appeared to watch the judgment and the room was engulfed in silence as the The Script was brought out to display the events of Moremi’s final hours on earth for all to see.


4:30 a.m

“I don’t believe her, its one of her tricks”

Jaja said as he paced nervously while Moremi looked at her phone in silence, reading the message from Amina over and over again, trying to decipher the true meaning behind the words in front of her.

It was almost 5 a.m before she finally spoke,

“Jaja, what if its not, doesn’t this all seem kind of odd to you?”

‘It does, but if Eledumare’s miracles could be explained, then they won’t be called miracles”

” if Eledumare knew He was going to destroy the insurgents, why did He summon us for judgment so urgently, why didn’t He just ignore our actions and allow us realize our foolishness and return on our own.”

‘I don’t have the answer to that Moremi, what I do know is that daybreak is approaching and we have to quickly decide whether we are going to stay here or not’

“What do you think we should do?”

‘Honestly, I think we have done our part here and we should go back to face our judgment but I promised to follow you till the end of this mission so whatever you decide is fine by me’

Moremi sighed deeply before finally replying Jaja.

“I think there is more to this than meets the eye, I fear that this chapter in Eledumare’s Script is not yet over.

I will stay back just to be sure that all is well but you don’t have to stay too, you have been greatly helpful here and it will be unfair of me to make you stay longer than you need to.

Goodbye Jaja, I’ll see you on the other side”

‘Goodbye Moremi, I’ll be waiting for you in the great beyond’


The reception hall for the centenary dinner was beautiful and astonishing, resplendent chandeliers, plush seats and never ending folds of beautiful pastel colored curtains that went from the floor to the ceilings, the real decorators had done a splendid job.

As Moremi looked around at the smiling faces of the most powerful men in the country, doubtful thoughts kept creeping into her subconscious, telling her that she might have had made a mistake.

There had been no talks about the insurgents all day and from all appearances, the last headline they would get would come when the president gave the opening speech for the dinner and announced how his administration had put an end to their terror attacks.

She couldn’t help but feel that she should have listened to Jaja and gone back with him to face her judgment instead of staying on earth to live as a mere mortal.

As she joined the others in rising to sing the national anthem and officially open the ceremony, something Amina said at Jabi lake suddenly came to her mind.

“The man that was killed today was not the terrorist leader, the real leader is still alive…”

Moremi wiped off the sweat forming on her forehead. Sweat? She looked up at the ac directed at her on full blast. Her fingers were freezing but she was sweating. Something was wrong. Ever since she gave up her immortality at daybreak, she had not missed her demigod powers as much as she did right then.

She looked around nervously and was about to go outside for air when the president announced her name as the person who helped put an end to the reign of terror.

Cameras were immediately trained on her, important people rose to their feet, the applause was deafening.

Someone was nudging her to go accept her reward. She stumbled forward. She couldn’t breathe but she managed to get up on stage and shake hands with the president and two other blurry faces.

A giant cheque was shoved in her face. The cameras went crazy. Flash flash flash flash! Then suddenly, the audience went up in a collective gasp. There was an unnatural silence and then a hum and someone was shouting for security.

Before the temporary blindness from the camera flash could subside, Moremi was grabbed from behind. Her assailant’s body was confusing; It had a very irregular surface. She could feel hard metal on her back and then she heard the ticking.

She was being held hostage by a suicide bomber.

He was angry, his words were coming out in quick, harsh rasps.

“You ruined everything!” He said in his thick accent

“I had them! I had! them!”

Moremi could feel his chest heaving behind her. He was clearly furious but she had no idea what he was talking about.

“They killed my family! They wiped them out! My sister…” His voice broke. ” My small sister… She was only nine and they burnt her black!”

He lost his voice for seconds. Then he spoke with renewed fury, this time to Moremi and not his flabbergasted audience.

“You think you did well? You think you have defeated them?”

Moremi’s thoughts were flying everywhere. Why was he saying “them” when he was the one wearing a bomb; where was the bomb squad??

Her hands and feet were ice cold but her throat was dry and hot. However in her confusion she was beginning to gain a little understanding. The man was clearly on a payback mission but the leader of the insurgents was dead already. Why was he still angry?

“I joined those animals to make sure that every last one of them paid for what happened to my family”.

The eerie silence of the room was suddenly disrupted by the loud noise of a wine bottle breaking as one of the dignitaries tried to hide under a table. Mr president was surrounded by armed guards and they seemed to be inching as far away from the crazed bomber as they could without being noticed. Her giant cheque was stained with spilled red wine and no one was trying to help Moremi get away. She was a nobody.

“The leaders of the insurgents are right here among you! Yes! Some of these ones standing here!”

You think the money for bombs and guns falls from the sky?” He laughed a mirthless laugh which sounded more like a bark.

“My plan was to end them all today but you!” He said as he grabbed a handful of Moremi’s hair, “you tipped off the police and spoilt everything!”

“The rest of the devils are dead, they got what they deserved and I’m sure that’s why it was so easy for me to get in here disguised as a security guy.

Moremi considered her limited options, it was too late to try to talk him down, he was long lost to grief and insanity, that much was evident. She couldn’t fight him off either, He was above six feet tall and muscular.

She wasn’t even sure stopping him was the right thing to do. Perhaps he was Eledumare’s tool to end the bloodshed at the source once and for all, maybe Amina was right, maybe they should not have interfered and messed things up. Her eyes welled up with tears and a few drops streamed down to her attackers hand.

“No need for tears my dear. It will soon be over. I’m taking you with me, you and the rest of these evildoers”.

Soldiers poured in from a side entrance as the president was taken out of the building with his vice.

The suicide bomber began to drag her away from the stage and into the dispersing crowd.

“Freeze!! Don’t move!!!”

The soldiers were taking their positions, getting ready to shoot at the terrorist even if the bullets had to go through her.

The terrorist started muttering a prayer and more tears rolled down Moremi’s cheeks as her fingers searched the nearby table.

She had been stripped of her powers but she was not ready die as a mere casualty in the war she had sacrificed so much to bring to an end.

Her hand grabbed a knife on the table and Moremi swung around with all the human strength she could summon and looked the terrorist in his eyes briefly before burying the knife deep in his skull.

As his body fell to the ground, there were screams and loud gasps from different directions but all Moremi could focus on was the timer on the bomb attached to the dead terrorist.

There were only eight seconds left.

She barely had enough time to fix a smile on her face and dive towards the terrorist before a deafening blast went off and the world went black.


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