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The Script III


The Nyanya General Hospital mortuary was in complete silence. It had been almost five minutes since the third corpse identified itself as Amina, a fellow demigod from the great beyond but Moremi still couldn’t decide whether to share her plans with the uninvited guest or send the demigod back to the great beyond.

What made it worse was that she couldn’t tell what Jaja was thinking and neither could she communicate with him discretely. If they were still in the great beyond, she would have easily beamed her thoughts to him and vice versa, but that wasn’t possible here as most of their demigod powers were incompatible with human bodies.

Jaja was getting impatient, time was running out and their window of opportunity for escape was closing. He had been completely caught off guard by Amina’s sudden appearance but in his human life, he learnt that turning challenges to advantages was a sign of greatness. He knew what he had to do.

“We are here to put an end to this”
Jaja said, breaking the silence and gesturing towards the badly burnt corpses in the room.

“If you want to help, you can’t do it from here, three demigods in human bodies would attract too much unwanted attention”

Moremi nodded in agreement before completing Jajas train of thought

“From what we saw in the great beyond, we are certain that in a few hours, a powerful bomb is going to be planted somewhere in this city,

The bomb is nothing like we have ever seen before and we fear that if it goes off, it might result in a full scale war;

we need you to be our lookout from the great beyond, help us provide intel, so we can avert the massacre”.


Amina was engulfed in a silent fury as she returned to the great beyond. All through her human life, she had watched countless men and even women make the same fatal mistake; the mistake of assuming that because she was a woman, she was weak.

It was the realization of the folly of their assumptions and not the sudden cold embrace of death that often left shock on mens faces when she plunged her sword through their hearts in battle.

She had been on a routine visit to encourage gifted Nigerian women in their aspirations for greatness when she discovered her fellow demigods Moremi and Jaja, sneaking through the secret path to the boundary gates. Curious about their reason for visiting earth, she had altered her original plan and followed them up to the the mortuary.

After Jaja and Moremi told her their motives,  she couldn’t help but wonder why they didn’t approach her with the plan originally and why she had to be the one to perform the duties of a mere lookout.

She couldn’t fight the nagging voice whispering in her head, reminding her that she had been reduced from a princess warrior to an ordinary lookout.

Finally, she decided, that Moremi and Jaja, like everyone else who had overlooked her, would pay dearly. She would teach them to never underestimate the Great Amina again!


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