- the script iv

The Script IV

Jabi lake was unusually empty for a Saturday evening. It should have been bristling with activities and occupied by people who came to exercise, hawkers who came to trade and youths who used it as a hookup spot for first time meetings with their social media friends, but instead, it was deserted.

Its emptiness was as a result of the Governments most recent directive, warning residents of the city to avoid parks and other public spaces as such places could easily be targeted by the insurgents.

The resulting serene environment made the deserted lake the perfect spot for all three demigods to meet. It had been Amina’s suggestion that they meet up by the lake to discuss strategies and finalize plans to return to the great beyond but ironically, she was the one running late.

As she paced nervously, awaiting Amina’s arrival, Moremi found herself pondering over the day’s events and smiling to herself as she realized the enormity of what they had achieved.

Their day started almost six hours earlier when Amina came with frightening news from the great beyond. She had seen the leader of the insurgents preparing with his men to go to the National Stadium, where the centenary dinner was holding the following day, to pose as part of the decoration crew and plant centrally linked high grade explosives.

The President of the country, his vice, members of the current presidential cabinet, past presidents and several top politicians and dignitaries were all billed to attend to the dinner, the blowback from such an attack would be devastating.

Moremi and Jaja had wasted no time in making a phone call to the Nigerian police to relay all the information carefully before heading to the National Stadium themselves to watch the unfolding events from a safe distance.

The disguised terrorists had arrived a few minutes later in a white Toyota bus and had just began to unload their “tools” when they were surrounded by policemen and members of the state security service. Sensing their imminent capture, the terrorists had pulled out weapons and attempted a gun battle with the security agents.

The battle didn’t last long as the terrorists were no match for the precision shots from nearby police snipers. Within two minutes, the terrorists had been disarmed, most of them suffering shoulder and kneecap injuries from the sniper bullets and a few of them dead.

While she wondered if the security agents would have responded as quickly and with such tenacity to their tip if the targets of the attack were not high value politicians, Moremi was glad that her visit to earth with Jaja had not been in vain.

If the information from Amina was correct, the leader of the terrorists was one of those captured or killed but strangely, the whole incident had not come up in subsequent news reports.

Moremi’s anxiety had increased with each passing news-hour as she tried to understand the Government’s uncommon silence on such a victorious feat. She was hopeful that Amina would bring answers to ease her anxieties and allay her fears.

A loud gushing wind distracted Moremi from her reverie and before she could catch her fleeing scarf, she was blinded by the sudden illuminant appearance of Michael- trusted messenger of Eledumare and second in command of the defenders of the great beyond.

His powerful voice thundered in her ears and in her thoughts  as he relayed Eledumares message.

” Moremi and Jaja, you have broken laws of the great beyond and brought dishonor to yourselves and to your fellow demigods by interfering in matters beyond your naive grasp.

You have forgotten that His ways and thoughts are higher, much higher than yours and it is utter foolishness to assume otherwise.

You have therefore been summoned to return to the great beyond and face judgement for your actions.

And if you have not returned by daybreak, you shall be condemned to live the human lives you have chosen and you shall once again be Mortals.”

Before Moremi or Jaja could utter anything in response, Michael had vanished, leaving a whirl of dry leaves & dust behind and Amina  standing where he stood moments earlier, with the same smile she had at the mortuary.

“Amina!! Why did you do this?!! Why?!!” Jaja asked, his voice portraying shock and fury.

“I had to, who do you people think you are anyway, meddling  in matters that do not concern you and asking me, a whole me, to be your lookout.”

“Is that what this is about?” Jaja asked, his voice rising, as well as his fury

“Well it doesn’t matter, none of this matters”

“What do you mean?!” It was Moremi who finally responded to her this time.

Amina thought carefully for a while before speaking

“The man that was killed today was not the terrorist leader, the real leader is still alive and very upset about losing all his top henchmen.

The news of the arrest was kept under wraps so the guests will feel safe and the dinner will continue as planned but trust me when I say that was a very bad decision”

“He..he plans to attack?!” Moremi asked, her voice crippled with fear.

“Yes. And I don’t think there is anything you or Jaja can do about it, except you want to forfeit all your demigod powers and lose your immortality.

So what will it be demigods?

Would you rather die as men trying to save men or live as gods, forever?”


Hi guys, Its Omon here and it breaks my heart to announce that there is only one chapter left in “The Script” Series.
But i am also glad to announce that you-my wonderful readers- have the opportunity to choose how it ends.

The comment section is open and you can vote to decide if Moremi and Jaja return to the great Beyond and retain their demigod status or if they stay on earth and become Mortals.

Voting closes 3 days from now and the finale will be posted two days after.



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    1. olanike

      Better they stay on earth and become Mortals.I believe been mortal xpecially in. Our land here in Africa there names. Will forever. B worshiped and full of praise

  1. sandra

    Hmmm. They knew it was a risk when they came down to be heroes. If they’re truly committed to their cause they’ll stay and see it through.

  2. Termas

    The safe thing to do is go back home and chow their punishment. I like safe. But maybe the story’ll be sweeter if they stay and fight…

  3. eva

    this is a tough one mhenn…. if they go back, will they attempt another escape?

  4. dami

    They should stay and finish what they started ^.^

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