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Now unto more trivial issues, I mean it’s not every time we should be too serious.

So… 8:28pm. I was walking home from work. I had walked for a little bit and was getting to a major road which is safe to thread except the streetlights are out… which happens only when there is a power outage or when the power source (aka generator) malfunctions.

Anyway, I was seeing loads of people going in and coming out of a popular hotel on that road (I thought it was a campaign for something because they had loads of banners on the cars that were packed by the side of the road) and I thought it wise to just take a drop straight home. It was going to cost me an additional N200, over what I had planned to spend on transportation so I was silently just considering walking or taking a taxi.

The first cab that pulled over was charging me a WHOOPING… N300. Aaaah!!! I told him to go o! So, I crossed over to the other side of the road and just stood.

There was this light-skinned woman who had been standing there for well over ten minutes as I had sighted her earlier… way before I even decided to take a taxi. As I got closer, I heard her shouting out to the taxi drivers who were slowing down thinking she wanted to be alone in the taxi, “ALONG!”- This is a popular slang used among commercial drivers and passengers in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) when you take a taxi with complete strangers in order to pay a cheaper fare – but they kept driving off.

I flagged down the second taxi and the driver charged me a fee… N200. Tired. Sleepy. And with a duffel bag that had my laptop, a novel, my to-do book, my chargers… I was already tilting to the left side… I opened the door to the back seat, got in and closed the door.

As the driver was about to rev off, the “along lady” came close to the car and asked me “sister, please what side are you going?” and I replied “primary school” without asking whether she could come along, she just opened the door to the front seat and said casually “please let me go with you, ehn?”  It’s not like I had a choice.

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As I was quietly #musing about how it is more blessed to give than to receive, and how maybe God made me walk this path because she needed help, from nowhere, she started singing… and out loud too!!!

What was that song again? I can hardly remember it now… I just looked. Wide-eyed. See me see trouble o! Me and MY CAB! Hahaha! Wonders shall never end.

Anyway, I got to the street where I was to get down, and said “sir, I’m getting off here” note that the lady was still singing. I repeated “Oga! I dey drop o!” he replied “Oooh!” and pulled over. I paid him. Then the “along lady” said “oh! You are paying him? How much are you giving him?” I replied “N200”.

She now asked me “so am I supposed to give you back the N100?” I didn’t miss the sarcasm in her voice. And I laughed and said “Don’t worry”. She smiled, got down from the car the same time as I did, said thank you and kept walking (obviously her way was still further down).

What is the moral of the story?

There is no moral of the story. I did not intend to give you the secrets of ruling the world by writing this. I also did not intend to teach you how to make money, I just wanted to give you gist and get you to say with me.. See me see trouble! Hahaha!


I later discovered that the people I saw at that popular hotel on that major road were looking for where to lodge for the night as they were delegates of the APC National Conference. So why then did they wear matching caps (MAROON for that matter)? *Shrugs*

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