Nepa oh!!! Nepa…


This is one of the heart cries of the Nigerian public. Everyone is shouting we need power and like sons and daughters, we look unto our fathers (the government) for answers.

We keep hearing , we are working on it, we are working on it and still we see our power supply cut into half on some days while other days we go totally without it.

We pay bills, at least some of us do, we hear in the news about the allocation of huge amounts of money being poured into the power sector and we eagerly await the result and we are still expecting it.

It makes me want to sit our leaders down and ask them, not vengefully or violently, but out of desperate concern, what is going on? What is truly happening?

A group of people beat me to this on the first round and located these leaders as well as stake holders for a chat as to get the real story regarding the power sector, this is not one of those fluke moments where they are pushing propaganda.

Listen objectively and hear the TRUE STORY…



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The Script

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