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We all have guilty pleasures, don’t we? That weird/awkward thing you enjoy doing even though you feel guilty doing it sometimes?                                                                                                                                                      According to the dictionary, “a guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it”. Well, I won’t say I feel totally guilty in all instances. I’d say I feel awkward sometimes but, what can I say? Don’t we all?                                                                                                                                                                 Another definition defines it as “something that you like but do not want others to know about”. I’d say “yessurrr” to that one. Lol. This other definition I saw somewhere on the internet (can’t remember where) got me laughing out loud-not literally, maybe I just “over-chuckled” when I read it. It says a guilty pleasure is “something that would ruin us if our friends knew about”…well, I ‘unno.                                                                                                                                                   After carefully editing my list of guilty pleasures (I came up with ten or more. I know, right?), I decided to share a few with my uber cool readers *wink*. So feel free to laugh at me but, you have share yours too in the “comments” section, because it’s cheating if you read mine and don’t share yours…*kidding* But seriously, I’d like to read yours…YOU reading this right now, yes YOU, kindly share yours.  In no particular order, I present you my list of guilty pleasures:


Hmm…Maybe it’s because I live alone. Yeah, that should be the reason. As a single lady, living on her own in a strange land (family in another city), I just cook my small meals, and there! I pick up my cutlery and eat from the pot. I even stand and eat sometimes then wash the pot immediately I’m done. Or maybe I’m just lazy to get my plate dirty because it will mean washing the pot, the plate and the fork or spoon. And my friends who live around don’t even know-they haven’t caught me yet. Well, one of them has and she’s used to it already. Okay, let me be honest-it’s just laziness to wash an extra plate; it’s not because I live alone. Lol


Gosh, I can’t help it! I try so hard to hold back the tears but even without making an effort, the tears just keep rolling down every time. Why?! I don’t know. It’s embarrassing really because usually, if I’m watching a sad film with friends around, they usually don’t cry. I remember one particular instance-I can’t remember the title of the movie. It was a sad film with a happy ending or so and the tears started rolling then I looked at my friend and I was like “you’re not crying?” The way she looked at me ehn! I just called myself back to reality by force. I’m just filled with empathy, that’s it! Call me to cry for you, call me to be sad for you and I’ll be there. Lol. That’s a joke.


This one should be my favorite guilty pleasure. I don’t miss watching the auditions of talent hunt shows. MTN Project Fame W/Africa, X Factor USA, UK and now Nigeria or W/Africa, Glo Naija Sings, name it. I really feel bad laughing at those who-can’t-sing-but-will-still-go-an-audition-regardless. I mean, it takes courage to do these things. I admire their courage really, but they always give me a good laugh so I always stay informed so as not to miss the auditions. And guess what? Sometimes I don’t even watch the episodes that follow, I just watch the auditions to have a good laugh and that’s it. Now I feel guilty of mockery. *Covers face*


I’m sorry guys but please don’t judge me. I have very sensitive nostrils, I can perceive odours, smells and aromas from afar. The odours however usually cause catarrh. So to prevent this from happening, I try to detect it by enhancing my sensory neurons ( I don’t know how I do it) so I can know how close I should stand or sit to someone who you know?…sometimes I don’t even make an effort to perceive the B.O, it just comes my way. My nostrils are sharp like that. But I like to be sure before I come close. Don’t judge. I feel sorry for people who “suffer” from it. *Sad face*

Other guilty pleasures would include moping at people (guys, to be honest) who speak with foreign accents. I think my favorite accent would be…er…I don’t have a favorite one. I like the British, Spanish, Australian, South African and Ghanaian accents. I even like the accent of an educated Hausa man speaking English-even the educated Hausa ladies too. You’re gonna love it, believe me.

So there you have it! I could go on and on-I have a pretty long list. But I will stop here. I know you too reading this have a few guilty pleasures, so go on and share yours. I’d also like to know if you and I have any in common. Hope you enjoyed reading. Thank you for reading and please share this and other posts here on #awanaija with your friends on facebook, twitter and etc…*Toodles*


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