- black child


light, tunnel, ligree

He has dreams, built on hopes and hard work,
He is that special child, cant you find him?
Look closely among the children and there he is.
He is always going to be a special black child

Who knows what he wants and how to get it.
He is that Nigerian child who dares to dream and confronts his fears with a bold step

He believes he will experience the storm but after that comes calm.

He will see the rain but he has two choices, he will dance in it or he will wait for the sun.

He will feel pain but happiness isn’t far.

He will be patient and face war because victory is at the other side.

He believes in the light at the end of the tunnel.

How could he not shine among his peers, isn’t he a star?

His determination, esteem and intelligence catches others in awe,

His confidence is outstanding.

He isn’t deterred or intimidated by the shade of his skin

For he sees greatness were others find weakness.

He does not underestimate the power of his hands and holds strongly to “no bread for the lazy man”

He is that child who believes in the philosophy of “not all that glitters is gold”

He knows in his heart that even from ashes something good can spring up.

Oh, even the lump of clay who went through a whole lot to become a teacup can tell the story better.
He prowls through lanes in search of freedom
And believes that not only bread nourishes man, peace of mind does it better.

He is so focused,
So determined,
So little,
So adorable in his thoughts,

So outspoken in his words,

Yet his eyes remain fixed on the horizon.



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