The Script II

…The gatekeepers -the powerful beings in charge of managing the boundary between earth and the great beyond-were terribly busy; and according to Jaja, there would never be a better opportunity for an escape to earth.

So far, he had been right about everything else-the secret path to the boundary gates, the sudden mass influx of souls and subsequent pre-judgment orientation that was currently distracting the gatekeepers- and while Moremi had few doubts about his escape plan, it was his motives that made her feel uneasy.

He had listened to her attentively and eagerly agreed to join in when she mentioned a return to earth. His reaction had made her wonder if he secretly nursed the same yearnings that had prompted her decision or if he had already planned to visit earth for recreational purposes as other demigods sometimes did -after all earth was a place full of new experiences that were not available during their lifetime.

Whatever his motive was, she was glad he was there with her as they reached the point of no return. Unauthorized visits to the boundary gates were as great an offense as leaving the great beyond entirely, and once they were able to find a way through the gates all they would have left to do was find vacant bodies to possess on earth.

A sharp movement in front of her caught Moremi’s attention. It was Jaja, signaling to her to proceed, the last gatekeeper had gone to assist his colleagues in the orientation and the coast was finally clear.
It was time to begin their journey to earth.


One of the fluorescent tubes in the Nyanya general hospital mortuary had gone bad. Its constant blinking was the first thing Moremi noticed when she finally opened her eyes, that and the stench from the decaying bodies that surrounded her.

It had been almost three hours since she arrived on earth and entered her current body. Her entrance unlike Jaja’s, had been too sudden, causing the body to spasm and drawing the attention of the nearby NEMA officials.

After almost thirty minutes of the attempted resuscitation that followed, she had felt her new body lifted off the ground and placed with the cold corpses of the other victims of the awful blast, the same one she had witnessed earlier from her pedestal.

All the nearby hospitals and mortuaries had been stretched to full capacity after the blast and when she overheard someone tell the mortuary attendant that identification of corpses by family members would commence in the morning, she was filled with remorse as she knew the relatives of the person whose body she now possessed would never get closure. She and her new body would be long gone before the identification began.

The mortuary attendant had ended his shift and left a few minutes earlier, giving Jaja and her the much needed opportunity to rejuvenate their new bodies before leaving the hospital.

As she attempted to familiarize herself with her new body by slowly stretching, Moremi turned around and saw Jaja seated and something else that sent cold chills through her recently warmed body…

It was the corpse behind Jaja,

It was awake

and it was smiling

….at her


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