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The Script

Hey guys, welcome to fables. Its Omon here and today I will be starting a short mythical series based on past Nigerian heroes and current issues awa naija is facing. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section and share the story on your social networks.Enjoy.************************************

Moremi was outraged. Once again, she had sat on her pedestal in the great beyond and watched helplessly as yet another bomb blast claimed innocent lives, all the while hoping-even until the very last second-that Eledumare would intervene.

In the time she had spent in the great beyond, she had seen Him meddle in the issues of His most precious and complex creation thousands of times but this time He had chosen not to.

She could clearly remember the story of how Eledumare had personally gone to earth and altered His decision to completely wipe out the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. Instead He had spared the family of His earthly friend and blessed mankind with the invaluable discovery of the most important cooking ingredient-Salt.

She often wondered if it was because the calf His friend had offered him on that particular visit was tasteless or if it had always been part of His plan, part of “The Script”.

“The Script” was said to be the most detailed and brilliant Master-plan ever conceived or written and was rumored to have taken Eledumare Himself centuries of human years to meticulously write even the seemingly inconsequential details of every possible scenario of the lives each and every one of the billions of human beings that would occupy the earth.

Only two other beings had ever read “The Script”, Eledumares son and one other. Eledumares son had not even read it to its conclusion but whatever he saw must have been enough to make him go down to earth in the form of a mere mortal, barely taking along with him one thousandth of his supernatural powers.

He had even lived amongst them not just once but in two different lifetimes and had let them beat him mercilessly and kill him like a common criminal in one of his lives all because it would somehow bring greater good according to “The Script”.

Moremi and the other demigods had never even seen the mythical “Script” much less read it, so she found it difficult to believe the senseless killings going on in her precious Nigeria would eventually lead to any good.

Her mind was made up, she would find another demigod who would join her and return to earth to prevent more massacres and the looming war.

She knew it would be a difficult task as security measures to deter higher beings from going to earth were constantly being improved especially after the most recent incident when Hancock and a few other angels decided to use earth as a vacation spot and parade themselves as superheroes to the humans.

She also knew, that what she was about to do was a risk worth taking and she would have no regrets even if non of the other demigods joined her and she got caught trying to return to earth.

“Maybe its part of my role in ‘The Script'”, she thought to herself,

“After all, I was once human”.



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