- nigeria face



She stood out,

Yes, among a thousand other medians.

She was a young growing child, who played the big sister role

She was so green

She smelt of freshness.

She was so beautiful, (her mates were envious),

She had suitors running and crawling to seek her hand

People fought for her, determined, she stood to make the right choice.

When she finally found a master, she was a perfect sight to behold in his eyes

We picked her, and re branded her.

Years later, the children she birthed turned against each other, each taking different sides.

The statues she had erected fell in shame,

Her beauty began to fade

Corruption eluded her household,

Lies and deceit found their ways into her home.

Her children and grand children began to live for “an eye for an eye”

Her plans for a better tomorrow came to a halt,

Her transformation agenda folded,

Her finances dried up,

Her farms were eaten by the birds, some lost their fertility.

The roads which were once traveled became the solitary paths.
Just when she thought she could settle them in peace,

Terrorism and violence had crept in.

Most of her children have become hypocrites, united by only what they can steal and separated by the-same selfish interest.

Those who started her problems now stand in a warm and close embrace

Eating the family’s cake.

And behind their smiles lies hat re, bitterness deceit and self interest.

She has become a laughing stock.

Amidst all this, she still stands tall (past reputation at work).

Those that love her wouldn’t stop weeping,

The innocent affected in this all pray.

In her confused state, she is almost aging.

She is going pale and the beauty of her lush vegetation is withering.

How can YOU help her?

Yes, i mean YOU!

Can you pray??? why then are you still sleeping, get on bended knees, for Christ sake!

Oh! you can chew bitter kola and spill palm wine and miracles happen?? hurry up and get a keg of palm wine and start work.

Does your voice open closed doors???  please don’t stop talking

Yes, the last time you sang, the blind man’s eyes went open?? start singing please.

Do you write so well that it melts even hardened minds?? then don’t stop writing till CNN, BBC and the rest of the world is singing a new song about our NIGERIA.


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