He lives each day trying to please his woman, he may have other girls but he places no one above her, his wish, above all things is peace, a month, a week, or even a day without her ‘nags’. He keeps up with her PMS secretly praying for her to be fine.

When she cries for no reason, he yells at her, not out of hatred but so she’d learn to be strong in case he is not around. He keeps his phone away just so she’d not be sad and he can’t really figure why she is always on the lookout for it. He tries to remember all relevant dates but since its more than one, he gets confused, in order not to mess it up with a mistake, he’ll rather be quiet about it all.

The things she expects of him, the ones she sees on tv are not just his ways, if he tries to do them, he’ll most likely look like a fool, but he loves her in his own way, he honestly wishes she could see. While she’s asleep, he opens his eyes, fixes his gaze on her and he’s happy to have found such a pretty woman, but just as she stirs he looks away, like he never noticed her. She is his love, she is his life and he wish he could go to the roof top to say it but the words would not just come.

He provides for her, protects and honors his woman, he is quiet while she’s there but turns to a roaring lion fighting for her once she leaves. He is constantly wishing he could rip open his heart and show her so she will see that the other girls, the phone calls; the messages don’t take her place. They are just bad habits which he needs her cooperation to overcome.

He really wants to propose and get married to her but he doesn’t want her to push him just yet. He has his fears too, fear of broken home, fear of being tagged a failure at marriage, fear of not being the father he is expected to be. His whole world revolves around her, but in a rather queer way, different from what is written in those books.

And then, despite all her nagging, screaming, trailing and monitoring him, he’s most likely prepared to stay with her and not divorce her, because if not for any other reason, she is the mother of his kids.

Have you met him yet? He is the typical Nigerian guy. The one we all grumble about yet can’t live without.



Lovely piece by Debbie Ibiyemi (Originally published in Nativeland magazine)

Her BB PIN: 2A83FD7E


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