JOROMI – The pride of Africa

  In the glory of the dark I hear strange melodies Beckoning on me to dance with the gods of this land I take one step, and yet another My legs; fresh succulent stems Springing forth in bold splendour From the ancient womb of the earth Today I declare:...


The Nigerian Story

 My father told me the story of a green field, where the horses and eagles lived and made a coat for their arms, resigning from war and just recovering from the brisk hold of slavery, they called it colonialism. Where the people sit daily counting their days without a...


You can- Anywhere Anytime

You can have a heart that forgives, But to do this, you will need at least a person that offended you, a willing spirit, a Heart wanting to be freed from pain and you; A person that knows we are all but humans…     You can become deaf...