Heroes of Hushville.

Heroes of Hushville celebrates those heroes whose influence on our lives are greatly overlooked. Those heroes whose profession you would never dream of taking up and would beat your child silly or conduct a deliverance session on if they ever intimated their intentions of toeing such paths. These are the heroes we never see yet are in our faces more than any other every single day. They are the heroes we are usually hushed about

The Baked Dough Swordsman of The North

Hero Name: “Mai Shayi” Translated: “Tea Owner” Decoy Occupation: 24 Hour Breakfast ‘eatery’ Owner Aim: Fill the belly of the hungry citizen Special Powers: Brews tea in the most dangerous and awesome manner while frying eggs and cutting bread simultaneously. Makes the best noodles. Fills the belly of the...


The Heroes of Hushville.

  In a world where success is hyped and celebrated more than the core values of ethics, justice, love, family, and where ‘successful’ people are displayed on billboards wearing outfits whose cost price can feed the entire population of University of Benin for two weeks straight (no pun intended),...