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clinton inene esiwomena – Ogun

MY NAIJA MY PRIDE My Naija! My pride! A tale of 1914 heroism rooted in a merger of exotic realms Naija! Black, bold and ingenious giant, the opulent trigger of Africa An Iroko that stands buried under the shrubs of cognitive thraldom For the atrocities consigned in the age...


Eustace Dunn – Lagos

My Naija! My Pride! With tearful looks in my eyes, I still see the world’s spies. Their mockery spat on my name Like a sane man that was lame. But I am not ashamed! I am not ashamed For I shall shout aloud amongst the crowd Don’t ever think...


Nwachukwu Chinwendu Joy – Enugu

My Naija! My Pride! The far sky suddenly seemed so near The birds sang ditty into my ear The words were all sweet, pure and clear But not even one, could I thus hear For the wicked has risen against My Naija The hot sun rapidly turned so cold...


Hassan Yahaya Taiwo – Lagos

Pen to paper Let me scribble But, my thoughts are unformed Like babies unborn When the mind is pregnant with ideas but can’t deliver What medical condition do we then term that? When laziness surpasses literary prowess What social condition do we also term it? What new jargon will...


Tunray Femi Esther – Lagos

MY NAIJA! MY PRIDE! Alone and lonely, tired and lost; Like a child in the wilderness no dad or mum; Seeking help and guidance at every possible cost, All she heard was silence not the faintest hum. The sun burned through her skin though she cared less; Till her...


Chris Odogwu Chinedu – Abuja

My Naija! My Pride! Playing in the sands on bare feet and naked save for the torn panties on my tiny waist, my first memories of what I would later realise to be my country were the different names of my playmates who were always lost in their world...


Adah Adah Agiake – Calabar

MY NAIJA! MY PRIDE! The name Nigeria is fondly shortened and widely accepted as Naija by majority of its citizens, this is influenced by our local Pidgin English. Nigeria is a federal constitutional republic located in the West African sub region comprising of thirty six states and a federal...


Olawale Okunola Oladehinde -Lagos

MY NAIJA MY PRIDE I’ve Received Many Knocks but How I Wish They Were on the Door (Investors) I’m Not Growing Fast Enough for Them but There Are Positives For Sure I’m 54 But Everyone Expects The Same Of Me As A 200 Year Old Despite My Shortcomings I...


Tara Olakiitan Amoke – Ibadan

Dedicated to the memories of my unkown fathers and mothers who have trudged on the path of slavery;a journey taken in the utmost act of wickedness,one of no return.I may not feel your pain but I understand   Begrudging moments that seems like a millenium has flown by  ...


Jabe Abang Obun – Calabar

My NIJA!MY PRIDE Nigeria: a country so blessed with natural and human resources, the giant of Africa indeed! With diverse cultures and traditions as well as languages. It is indeed soothing to know that I come from this part of Africa, proudly Nigerian. It is true that challenges are...