Forgive me if I am not perfect or fluent in the pidgin language, but I am one of those Nigerians who is ready to learn… yes!

Although it hasn’t found its way into the school syllabus, it is still a language we value in this part of the world.

It is one of the most common ways of communication and when spoken decently is really interesting.
The Pidgin English has been generally accepted and although we try hard not to notice it, we find ourselves using it as a prominent means of communication.

And if you think you are not using the Pidgin English, no problem but it wouldn’t take a long while before you join the train.

Take the market place for instance; which is greatly dominated with elderly women and people who find it difficult to comprehend the STANDARD English language or Queen’s English as it is said, the pidgin language does a whole lot of magic.

A lot of people see pidgin English in different forms, some see it in slang’s, others describe it as a language of flowery metaphors many others see it as a Lingua franca, yes! This is because it serves a broad spectrum of Nigerian people whose divergence transcends religious, ethnic and class boundaries.

The Nigeria pidgin is NOT an inferior language, rather it is a language that enables easy communication, quick productivity and reflects simplicity.

Feelings are easily conveyed to a wide variety of people. We have cases like stopping a cab, it is the fastest way to communicate to the driver your destination, while chanting victory songs, asking simple questions, even getting into the music industry, it is the no 1 language used for all this..

My people na Pidgin sure pass o
or go to the market, try using the phonetic standard language and see if you go carry any change waka commot from market.

Ask our comedians, dem sabi wetin pidgin dey do, it has it ways of coming out well coated with a fresh flavor to their sense of humour and it will surely make you laugh.

In my opinion; I think it is simple, and understandable and should be officially recognized.
My people make I kuku leave the tori for another day.. when we go get enof time to yarn am well


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